Rising Awakening Confronts The Most Harmful Illusion

If you have watched the latest by Max Igan, you surely recall this quote above at the beginning of the podcast. This quote is an absolute truth, and very likely the most important one as it dictates all other truths. When forgetting to follow their hearts, humans are just setting themselves up for utter failure.

From there it is very easily comprehensible as why the demise, cause by moral bankruptcy, is right around the corner. On top of that, we are dealing with an unspeakable evil which knows that the solution lies within… in the HEART, and will do whatever it takes to prevent the awakening to that very Reality.

Earth Custodians take this article extremely seriously because it implicates the UN to the highest level and that the UN ignores it and shifts the blame, accusing politicians of doing nothing. This article really exposes how politics works and why it is falling apart.

… the world’s 1 billion richest people consume 72% of Earth’s natural resources, the 1.2 billion poorest people consume only 1%…. (commondreams.org)

The more we read this line above, the more absurd it sounds… we are called rich nations because we destroy more than the poor… BINGO: it is really what wealth is all about, an illusion that does real harm. It is impossible to get rich without this illusion… Maya, they call it in Sanskrit/Hinduism!

Commondreams.org reads further:

“The UN has failed to reveal to the public the undisputed scientific realities that nothing meaningful has been, is, or is intended to be done to prevent unsustainable development including climate change from inevitably resulting in global social and economic collapse.”

But it looks as if the awakening is gathering pace. The students – representing 24,500 students from the prestigious Schola Europaea international schools – demand that the UN acknowledges its total uselessness, as stated above, and the following:

 Student representative Zoe Sleath says, “As Albert Einstein warned, the political-economic-social laws of man must obey the physics-chemistry-biology laws of nature – ‘The laws of man must obey the laws of nature, or man will not survive’”.

This is the awakening that we need to hear of. It is about time, the Laws of Nature are now about to become the new model in many students’ mind. They have connected the dots and their conclusion is now working through the various layers of society. Sure, they still mention “climate change” but cite the destruction of natural resources as a threat topping that of climate change.

Sustainable Development – “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” for nature from which humans, all products and all life are exclusively made: 30 years of complete failure, natural resource extraction has doubled in just one generation, this rate will fatally compromise future generations. The next 35 years of resource extraction are projected to equal the past 300,000 years, the time of the H. sapiens species. By 2100 humanity’s likely average lifetime extraction will be the equivalent of stripping off the top 1/5th of a meter from all ice-free land – and it won’t stop there.

It is essential that natural resources come *before* the climate, because if it is hyper-consumption the real culprit, consuming wisely should fix the problem; and if it is not, then it would mean that we are dealing with phenomena beyond our reach and should adapt rightfully.

Not saying here that the battle is won, there still is a long way to go but the purpose of our blog is track any possible world events in favor of the future of a money-free society, and this commondreams.org column just fits right in.

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