Is Following The Money Really Worth It?

If you really think about it, following the money actually promotes low self-esteem because the consensus is built on competitive behaviors, hence always there to remind of an opportunity that was missed, and causing one to remain stuck in a particular financial or professional situation: mortgage and credit cards for example, specific burdening duties or even a job that one hates. 

A competitive system inherently generates regrets because a lack of competition is systematically punished, sustains the bitterness of not being better at what one does, being unable of accomplishing a breakthrough, and this leads to self-loathing in the worse case scenario. As a matter of fact, we ought to keep in mind that  around 70% of population go through such “stressful and painful reminders” on a daily basis, propagating a flow of low cognitive vibrations facilitating more social engineering. 

Following the money also perpetuates ignorance because people who think they know better intrinsically feel that they are entitled to extract more from society. Objectively speaking that very consensus teaches to look down on people who are perceived as less successful, an attitude that is  well to often hidden behind the mask of “political correctness”. Generally people who see nothing wrong with such a judgmental state of mind, will easily lament that is how the world just is — and that less fortunate people and sufferings will exist for ever. 

Now let’s consider the example of somebody who has attended an upscale private college, and therefore getting more consideration than another individual who went to a  public university. As a matter of fact if thinking a little farther, this perception of admiring success really means to give more privileged people the right to trample others. This prevailing darwinian mindset is at the core of injustice, inequality and structural violence. Competition and social entitlements are inherently linked. The reality is that the system teaches to be wanted, and those perceived as less successful have to live with the feeling of rejection or not fitting in. This has huge consequences in our interaction with society, and which essentially condones violence. 

Our social model is, and let’s not mince our words, completely “sadomasochistic“. And we even repeat this rapport in our romantic relationships. as sadomasochism tends to breed low self-esteem and self-loathing. External manipulation then becomes very easy to achieve as most people look for quick solutions to a lifestyle that keeps them in a state of disconnect from within. At the very top of the social pyramid, that very sadomasochism morphs into psychopathy: the right to crush and impose suffering upon those less aware of the tragedy is regarded as as ineluctable. 

Any system whose aims are to bring about a profound change, needs to connect the psychological with metaphysiacl aspects. There lies the particular fields of action of the Earth Custodians Movement: to pave the way for a return to spiritual  and philosophical wholeness. The purpose of life needs to be redefined in order to facilitate a different attitude toward life and other fellow humans. Rebuilding society will depend on how many are willing to comprehend the astounding obsolescence of the current consensuses. 

Following the money makes one unhappy because careers are too often predetermined by the environment, which makes it very difficult to break the ranks. Those who happen to succeed are hailed as mythological heroes. Until the early mid 80’s, it was for sure easier to push the boundaries because collusion wasn’t so advanced yet.. The fact that today only the well connected can win six figure salaries, a top 1% and their cliques, rather exposes the utterly deceptive nature of competition as lobbies  basically speaking collude to destroy our planet. 


One of the most elusive consensus prevailing among the masses, is which associating money with freedom, thinking that money allows the freedom to do what one wants. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. We are all thinking within the parameters of the model. Some of course more than others. All the attention mainly goes towards survival first. Meaning that it is highly difficult to do what one truly wants. Not to mention that most friendships are organized in a way to generates future opportunities to make money, meaning that the latter tend to be superficial.

This is not without a reason as why loneliness and suicide are today worldwide epidemic. It is fragmenting society ever further. Times are definitely critical right now, as we all know. Though there seems to be an obvious and ongoing awakening that could help us achieve the unthinkable. And we should believe in it with all our hearts and minds. 

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