Humans Represent 0.01% Of Life On Earth!

And those who did NOTHING will just print 100s of billions of Euros/dollars to fix issues they have caused?

Actually this is ironically epic… now we have a leftist online news website exposing the collectivist UN. That is what happens when conflicts of interest pass a threshold, the dynamics works in reverse and exposes the planned incompetence. We can thank the Law of Polarity for that! 

Watch the system unravel and politics being turned upside down.

Students to United Nations: Stop Hiding Science about Global Collapse (NOV 2018)

Next 35 years of earth’s resource extraction will likely equal past 300,000 years*
Brussels – Representatives of tens of thousands of students from every European country called on the United Nations and the world to “stop withholding the science facts about global collapse, or nothing will be done to stop it”.

Yes, think about it… we account for 0.01% only… time to ponder our sense of supremacy, don’t you think?

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