Technocratic Obsession With AI & Taxpayers Funding Stargates

The Real Reason Why Globalists Are So Obsessed With Artificial Intelligence 01 March 2019

ALT-MARKET.COM: It is perhaps the fad to end all fads as it supposedly encompasses almost every aspect of human existence, from economics and security to philosophy and art. According to mainstream claims, AI can do almost everything and do it better than any human being. And, the things AI can’t do, it WILL be able to do eventually…. Whenever the establishment attempts to saturate the media with a particular narrative, it is usually with the intent to manipulate public perception in a way that produces self fulfilling prophecy

EARTH CUSTODIANS: Indeed, considering the dark collusion between the state and science, anything spondored by this technocratic monopoly should be regarded as highly suspicious.

The globalists have long held AI as a kind of holy grail in centralization technology…. The use of AI as a means to monitor mass data to better institute “sustainable development” is written clearly in the UN’s agenda.

Right and people should NOT trust blockchain as long as the AI machinations are’t dismantled, because AI will ultimately run the blockchain. Just google up and see for yourself. Here is one article already: MIT Scientist “AI Will Run Blockchain Control Grid” w/ Kevin Lawton. As Aldous Huxley defined it, it is just another but the ultimate “booby trap”

The IMF is also in on the AI trend, holding global discussions on the uses of AI as well as the effects of algorithms on economic analysis.

AI will, and rest assured, make sure that the planet remains in a state of perpetual scarcity and economic austerity ,for the sake of global warming we will be told (financial sacrifice is necessary), since IT is designed to be the engine for total centralization.

The main source for the development of AI has long been DARPA. The military and globalist think tank dumps billions of dollars into the technology, making AI the underlying focus of most of DARPA’s work. AI is not only on the globalist’s radar; they are essentially spearheading the creation and promotion of it… The public, with its innate distrust of corporate moral compass, is supposed to be convinced to support UN regulatory reforms as a counterbalance. But in reality, corporate powers have no intention of fighting against UN control, they will ultimately welcome it.

we had a blog a few months ago exposing the scary reality that DARPA actually owns the internet. See: Who REALLY Owns The Internet? and  Hive Mind Reality Is Here: The Cartels Of The World Become The Cartels Of The Mind.

So from there, it is safe to state that DARPA also is behind the implementation of AI, with the collaboration of Google and another couple of tech giants. 

The actual effectiveness of AI as a means to help humanity is questionable. AI is primarily about “learning algorithms”, or machines that are programmed to learn from experience. The problem is that a learning algorithm is only as effective as the human beings that program it in the first place.

Right, of course AI centralization will not be flawless, as it also inherits from various human biases, which will be used to escalate the needs for control. But nonetheless, if a majority remains unaware of the hoax, AI errors and glitches will further their goals. Just as “crises” help propel various agenda. That is how evil ever progresses.

While there can be moments of creativity in chess (which is why humans to this day are still on occasion able to beat computers at the game), the existence of the rules makes AI seem smarter than it is… Human systems and natural systems are far more complicated than chess, and the rules tend to change, sometimes without warning. As quantum physics often discovers, the only thing that is predictable when observing the universe and nature is that all things are unpredictable. How well would an algorithm do in a chess game where a pawn could suddenly evolve to move like a knight, without any specific predictable patterns? Not very well I suspect.

This is where brain interfaces come into the picture… without them, AI is set to be a failure. And they know it. They can only win if our brains are reduced to mere algorithms too. This is, of course, diabolical.

The globalist obsession with AI, however, goes far beyond centralization and control of populations. As noted above, there is a religious factor.

EC have a blog about it… (The Magic Of The Universe Explained In a Nutshell: Will You Worship The AI god?) . But we disagree with the OP’s views here.

Humans must learn what the elites truly know about Metaphysics, because our enslavement starts there, at a vibratory level. As long as we reject that knowledge or fear it, we cannot get rid of them as Metaphysics drives everything. The same knowledge can be used to Good and Evil — and there only is One and Sole Universal Truth.

So, it makes sense that they would consider something as simple and empty as AI to be intelligent life. As long as it is able to be programmed to act “autonomously” (which they seem to consider sentience), their definition of intelligent life is fulfilled. There is nothing intelligent about artificial intelligence when it comes to moral or creative actions, but narcissistic sociopaths have no concept of this anyway.

EC agree here, but the elite machinations have many ramifications. The sexualization of kids and harmful vaccines are designed to alter our brains in very profound ways. For example, this is not without a reason that vaccines are spreading autism and that “genetic memories encoded into the DNA” facilitate the spread of sexual abuse and trafficking, by increasing the “victims vs abusers” ratio. What is explained in our 40mn video presentation released last week (Global Child & Underage Sex Trafficking Destroying Society)


But there are other forces at play that will derail AI: Monsanto And The Death Of Atheistic Science

TruthStream Media: Stargates, Dark Energy, and Manipulating Extra Dimensions (Oh My!)

(not saying it is a alien spacecraft, after all pentagon is missing 21 trillon and could be human technology built with help of, yes, aliens)

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