Why A Mental Universe Is the “Real” Reality

On Biocentrism, Plato, Geometry… and the end of Science as we know it

This blog is the continuation of Manifesto for Post-Materialistic Science, and dedicated to the promotion of a much needed paradigm shift as “atheistic science” lies at the core of our beyond staggering planetary pollution and the plunder of natural resources. Man is not above nature. The duty of science is to teach humility. Time has come for science to reassess itself and begin to work for Mankind’s greater good. To abandon materialistic pursuits.

Science is faced with a terrifying dilemma of its own making, and which arises from the fact that it embraced atheism in the wake of an era that persecuted Alchemists. Transmuting lead into gold is above all a metaphor!

Alchemy is differentiated from profane chemistry by metaphysics. By an order of consciousness that is beyond the senses, which leads to the initiatic transmutation of the human consciousness. (adeptinitiates.com)

The mainstream paradigm leaves a lot to be desired. Up to this day science still can’t explain the fundamentals of our Universe, and the vast majority of scientists will just stick to explanations deriving from what is directly observable and whatever hypothesis supporting any materialistic type of logic.

So if we believe the latter: the Universe suddently popped out of nothing and we have to accept this theory uncritically as the academia obviously sees nothing wrong with it.

Why a Mental Universe Is the “Real” Reality … Instead, the universe is the expression of a universal mind that transcends personal awareness… — 2016 HuffingtonPost (link)

The field of science is so dogmatic that anybody in a position to seriously challenge the academic thought can often kiss his career goodbye, or in the lesser case run the risk to be branded a pseudo-scientist. Luckily there is a growing awareness in the field, led by well known Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Robert Lanza and Ruppert Sheldrake, and several others supporting the Manifesto for A Post Materialistic Science. But these scientists do not work directly for the “academic lobby” but earn a living with their books and lectures around the world, helping raise awareness and expose atheistic science as a misguiding — and deceptive — framework .

Yet we have to believe the big bang theory — and take it at face value — which is no explanation at all. The fact is that it is only when we accept that Consciousness is the foundation of Matter that we begin to see “patterns” everywhere, such as the geometrical dance of planets, which is the absolute evidence of the Intelligent Intent of Consciousness:

Fantastic dance of the planets around the Sun — video link

As a matter of fact, Plato and Pythagoras are considered the fathers of Sacred Geometry, which demonstrates that the micro and macro are alike in their shape, and the correlation between the eliptic motion of the cells around an atom and the motion of planets. The Principle of Correspodence in other words. Anybody pondering such Celestial Geometry will have to conclude that any celestial body is where it must be. The “sacred geometrical code” proves it beyond any doubt. Otherwise the Geometry would not show any symmetry at all!

Nevermind that is also exactly why the academia took down “astrology” centuries ago, and which was back then a study more focused on the analysis celestial events as it was already known that everything happens in cycles in the cosmic order. The Law of Rhythm as defined by the Hermeticists. Just as the four seasons on Earth, each marking the different rhythm of Life. There too exists such seasons operating throughout the Cosmos to allow the cycles of life and death to unflod. Ancient civilizations, such as the Mayans, Egyptians and Sumerians revered astrology. Christianity is often represented by a fish, but the real meaning here is the Age Of Pisces. The constellation of Pisces.

Nobel physicist John Wheeler once said: no phenomenon is a real phenomenon until it is an observed phenomenon

The quote above really highlights the limitations of atheistic science, and why it is about time to shift gear. Although knowing everything is impossible, working on the right premises comprising the undestranding of the whole as opposed to that of the obsever only has caused mega paradoxes that mainstream scientific knowledge cannot resolve.

Time to thrown in the towel, and begin to venture the unthinkable!

As Robert Lanza states: there is only one visual reality that exists, and that’s the one requiring Consciousness in order to manifest. This should remind us of the double-slit experiement. There is anorher way to look at it: that consciousness exists, whether there is an observer or not.

To paraphrase Lanza: Einstein is completely wrong when stating that nothing can interfer with anything faster than the speed of light. Rather the entities are floating in a field of mind as biocentrism would maintain that is not limited by this external space-time that Einstein was fond of.

Robert Lanza: The Theory of Biocentrism Part 1 And 2



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