Your Brain Could Be The Ultimate Password

 Let’s define technocracy in one sentence: it is a Marxist Atheistic sociopathic obesession to convince us that we are only material and not spiritual, read an internet comment we came across a few hours ago. Man is not above Nature and never will be. Man is part of Nature. Accepting this is being spiritual. Freedom only exists within the “parameters of the all that is”. When we neglect the Whole, we become slaves.

At least we have a small group of professionals sounding the alarm too, and which obviously are not heard by any mainstream media whose scripted propaganda promises crowds the moon, to become “superhumans”. Addtionally they spend billions on these brain chip projects , which they claim will fix humans cognitively.

Dystopia is selling pretty well and neuroscientists are the new gods.

Everything we do stems from our brain, meaning that everything we are also stems from our brain. So why are “they” so obsessed with our brain? To steal everything we are and hijack our organic neural circuitry so we can no longer connect with the Cosmic Consciousness … this is the goal, creating a synthetic god called AI that is going to usurp the Creator.

Let’s get real: they have hacked everything we can think of already and our brain will be the finalization of their “grand plan” to end humanity. 

They’re Spending Billions to Chip Our Brains

Your brain is unique – here’s how it could be used as the ultimate security password March 10, 2017

Biometrics – technology that can recognise individuals based on physical and behavioural traits such as their faces, voices or fingerprints – are becoming increasingly important to combat financial fraud and security threats. This is because traditional approaches, such as those based on PIN numbers or passwords, are proving too easily compromised. For example, Barclays has introduced TouchID, whereby customers can log onto internet banking using fingerprint scanners on mobile phones……..


SUPER HUMANS could exist in just 15 years thanks to a computer chip inserted into the brain to unlock the mankind’s full potential. (2017)


New brain technologies pose threats to privacy and autonomy that are all too real, experts warn •November 8, 2017
In an essay in Nature, 27 neuroscientists, physicians, ethicists, and artificial intelligence experts argue that these and other powerful “neurotechnologies,” originally conceived to help people who are paralyzed or have other neurological disorders, could “exacerbate social inequalities and offer corporations, hackers, governments or anyone else new ways to exploit and manipulate people.” ………….. Calling themselves the Morningside Group, the experts conclude that ethics guidelines for experimenting on people and developing artificial intelligence don’t even acknowledge the dystopian possibilities of neurotech….. .

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