Suffocating Dead Zones Spread Across World’s Oceans

We have a situation… fertilizers used by big ag, human and farm factory waste, are behind the formation of “dead zones” in the oceans. In other words, nitrogen from fertilizers and sewage.

Yet another case of criminal management, which could be resolved with keeping all the waste on the land instead of pouring it into nearby rivers that will end up in the oceans soon or later.

We all know how poisonous all those chemical fertilzers are, so let’s get rid of them all as they contaminate our soils anyway… as for the waste from farm factories, the latter will have to be shut down as the livestock is kept on life support with antibiotics. Humans could start eating meat twice weekly so we have have a healthy lifvestock again (for the meat eaters)… problem solved. Well almost but we have to trust human creativity as how to handle the closure of farm factories and the welfare of the livestock.

No lawmakers will push for such reforms as it would crash the world economy… so, you see how far led us this deadly profit seeking mantra. Most of the “dead zones” are located in EU and America, the so-called rich west, where people consume as if there are no tomorrows! (see map below with the black dots)

10 known dead zones around Australia’s southern states. (2015)

This is the first dead zone discovered in the South-East Asia region. (2016)

There are other very creative ways to address urban sewage issues explained in the video at the bottom page. Please share this vital information. We do not hear about these “dead zones” because the media would rather spin “climate change fear” endlessly, but it should be clear by now that it takes the attention off a lot of other issues that would ultimately question the validity of “climate change” religion. Though it is very possible that we’ll hear soon the media blame the “dead zones” on global warming. Some online mags are already claiming that warming temps will drive expansion of dead zones but none of them really call for any drastic solutions. Sure, follow the money


Ocean ‘dead zones’ exist — and there are more of them than we thought

Dead zones are hypoxic (low-oxygen) areas in the world’s oceans and large lakes, caused by “excessive nutrient pollution from human activities coupled with other factors that deplete the oxygen required to support most marine life in bottom and near-bottom water. (NOAA)”.[2] Historically, many of these sites were naturally occurring. However, in the 1970s, oceanographers began noting increased instances and expanses of dead zones. These occur near inhabited coastlines, where aquatic life is most concentrated. (The vast middle portions of the oceans, which naturally have little life, are not considered “dead zones”.) …. MORE

Suffocating dead zones spread across world’s oceans (2008)

Critically low oxygen levels now pose as great a threat to life in the world’s oceans as overfishing and habitat loss, say experts

Marine bacteria feed on the algae in the blooms after it has died and sunk to the bottom, and in doing so they use up all of the oxygen dissolved in the water. The resulting ‘hypoxic’ seabed zones can asphyxiate swathes of bottom dwelling organisms such as clams and worms, and disrupt fish populations…. The key solution, they say, is to “keep fertilisers on the land and out of the sea”. Changes in the way fertilisers and other pollutants are managed on land have already “virtually eliminated” dead zones from the Mersey and Thames estuaries, they say…. FULL

Meat industry blamed for largest-ever ‘dead zone’ in Gulf of Mexico (2O17)

Toxins from manure and fertiliser pouring into waterways in and around the Gulf of Mexico are causing harmful algal blooms, leading to widespread ‘dead zones’. …This pollution has also been linked to drinking water contamination. Last week, a report by Environmental Working Group found that in 2015 water systems serving seven million Americans in 48 states contained high levels of nitrates. Consuming nitrates has been linked to an increased risk of contracting certain cancers…. FULL:

New Investigation Identifies Companies Responsible for Massive Dead Zone in Gulf of Mexico

Tyson Foods, America’s Largest Meat Company, Leads Those Found to be driving massive Manure and Fertilizer Pollution
Washington, D.C. — A new report, released by Mighty Earth, identifies the companies responsible for the widespread manure and fertilizer pollution contaminating water from the Heartland to the Gulf. Much of this pollution comes from the vast quantities of corn and soy used to raise meat animals, and has caused one of the largest Dead Zones on record in the Gulf of Mexico this year. ……. This fertilizer pollution comes mostly from industrial corn and soy fields. Last year the USGS reported that around 1.15 million metric tons of nitrogen pollution flowed into the Gulf of Mexico. As comparison, the BP oil spill was 670,800 metric tons, and is not an annually occurring event…. FULL:

15 PAGE REPORT: Meat defines the American diet. In 2015, the average American ate 211 pounds of meat,1 and the United States leads the world in meat production. The scale and environmental impact of the meat industry is enormous: more than a third of all land in the continental U.S. is dedicated to growing feed crops and providing the pastures to raise meat.

How To Create Dead Zones In Our Oceans That Kills All Marine Animals (2018)

Money cannot be the solution because solutions are intellectual and spiritual by nature…. and which should lead us to rethink most of what we think we know, the purpose of life and the illusion of profit seeking

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