Omar Atkouf : The Future Of Management

Professeur Atkouf lives in Montreal and shares in this video his vision for a better Earth and civilization. Atkouf does not mince his words as you will see. In this video the Professour also speaks about the future of his career, during one of his last classes in 2017.

@30secs, Professeur Atkouf interjects right away that he does see any future, that what needs to be done is reassess and redesign from scratch the concepts of Nature, society and which of the human condition, while wondering as if it is not already too late to address such issues. But according to him, there will be a future if humans reintegrate this harmony with nature, and reconcile with the latter so that we can rediscover the interconnectedness we share with other fellow humans, and from there, redefine the role of money. Because without nature and human beings, there cannot be any money. As long as money will be earned at the detriment of Nature and humans, we’ll continue to destroy.

EARTH CUSTODIANS: It is definitely refreshing to hear such a powerful pitch arguing for intuitive and holistic thinking. There lies the huge obstacle with a society that has been conditioned with half-truths and is afraid to challenge the consensus

@ 2:14mins: Professor Atkouf explains the mechanisms by which society functions and which are taught in schools and colleges. First that a company must satisfy its shareholders, then clients and  then its workers. This is what needs to be reversed completely. The future of management shifts its focus, what matters is a satisfied employee or worker that has no stress and is happy, and which are keys to accomplish high quality tasks, which in turn satisfy clients and the shareholders ultimately. Atkouf is right again when explaining that human beings must function as partners among themselves instead of being “resources or commodities”. A resource is an object and we are not objects, to drift away from the mindset of exploiting nature. We need to reverse this “sequence”.

Atkouf is among the rare academics who really questions the premises. Issues cannot be addressed with any of our current regulations in place. Though if a change could ever shake up society, we ought to prepare for a collapse of centuries of misconceptions, which will not spare anybody because of the interconnectedness we all share. There lies the unprecedented and phenomenal dilemma, also knowing that even if we do not attempt to change what is, the collapse of society will be far more destructive than if we initiate it voluntarily to rebuild anew immediately. It is very important to stress the challenge and lecture people about it, so that they can comprehend as why fear has to be overcome, that actually there is absolutely nothing to lose since we can rebuild for the better.

@4:53mins: The state, the responsibility of the state, is not to organize an “international space” for money makers to make more money. The role of the state is to guarantee the dignity of its citizens, so that each citizen has a roof above his head, is cultivated and fed, can access transportation  and healthcare. This is what we call “basic needs”.

Then Professor Atkouf goes on saying that countries like Sweden and Germany take care of their citizens. What is a half-truth because socialism is extremely expensive and nothing is really free. People just pay much higher taxes, which is one of the reasons as why the French “Yellow Vests” are protesting restlessly every weekend. Their speak person has even threatened the French president with an unlimited strike until their demands are met. We therefore have to disagree with Atkouf at this level. France is pretty socialized, and still the matters got way worst. Socialism is just not the answer.

France is today highlighting the problems of centralization  by monetarism, and the only remedy is decentralization and voluntarysim. Unfortunately the role inherent of monetarism is to centralize. Which means that we are entangled into catch 22 that can only be ended by the termination of monetarism itself. There is a lot more to say but  basically “transparency”, as long as monetarism exists, is fantasy.

@7:50mins: There is no future of management if we don’t acknowledge this folly consisting in believing that man is the master of nature. Man is part of nature, as much as an moose, bear, a bird or a scorpio. Or a three. We are not superior, we belong to the same nature, planet, we do not have any other one. If we end this mindset, we’ll stop the destruction of nature. Nature is not a stock. Nature is what makes possible that we live.

Professor Atkouf is absolutely right. And the good news is that more and more people realize this. They have become more concerned about future generations and the legacy they will leave behind for them. Even climate issues are consequences of this faulty mindset. There is no climate change per se but a highly dysfunctional society that needs to heal urgently. Money and ecotaxes cannot fix anything, also because international corporations are still polluting as ever before. Take “fast fashion industry” (store chains like H&M and the like, sportwear included)  for example, and which is the 2nd world polluter and producing more than ever before, releasing microfibers into the environment by the billions of tons because most of their clothes are unrecyclable synthetics. Again, state regulations are not meant to be efficient, far to the contrary.

@9:18mins: Professor Atkouf laments that there are not that many people in the world seeing the dangers of the same misconceptions, which is why globalization does not work. It is also essential to comprehend that we cannot do it alone, individually. Individualism is not democracy. Individualism is not individual liberties. Individualism is the folly of all of us against one another. And this is not by fighting all against each of us that we are going to win. If we fight we are going to kill each other along with nature. So his project is to change that. To write, give lectures, scream as much  as he can to awaken people. That we can only resolve that with solidarity and collaboration. That we ought to move toward a global governance managed by sages and wise intellectuals who do not have any materialistic interests nor seek to enrich themselves. Is this planet suited to only make the rich richer? Is this the purpose of Earth? No, this purpose is too overwhelming. So the challenge is to develop the  humility to live on this planet according to Earth’s laws, as opposed to ours, and certainly not by those who regulate the world and have determined that man is made to make money.

This last paragraph is key to understand that we are headed for the edge of a cliff, and why we can’t allow this to happen. Although Atkouf was referring to socialism earlier, he’s now adamant about the planet being supervised by sages and philpsophers, clearly he is done with socialism too! We give Aktouf all our consideration for supporting such new governance.

Here at Earth Custodians, we interpret the crisis the same way and are dedicated to being just another strong  voice sounding the alarm far and wide. The transition is now, and even though it is not really noticeable yet, world events are somehow forcing awareness to increase and the realization that it is time to think of the unthinkable: a money-free society!

Please follow us as we are here to help develop the nuch needed and new intellectual skills during this challenging paradigm shift.

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