The REAL Cost Of The Partial Government Shutdown

What they did not tell you before to go ahead with the shutdown — and what lies beneath.

As the media spin the blame game and the ordeal of 800K federal employees missing their weekly paychecks due to the partial government shutdown, there are other side-effects that many pundits tend to mention briefly or skip as it’d most likely question the credibility of any US lawmakers.

Let’s be clear about it. In our fictive economy, if we do not spend, we regress and lose money. This is the most absurd paradox ever. We are condemned to ever spend or the world falls apart. While animals can’t escape the fate of eating or being eaten, Man can choose to rise above the animal kingdom as he received the gift of empathy and compassion. These emotions, unfortunately, do not mix with economics. While charity has become such an industry,  social disparity and poverty are reported more than ever before.  Would that mean that money may not be the solution to fix world’s problems after all? This possibility will be explored in a future blog.

Back to our headline. Initiating or opposing any shutdown is equally mind boggling to say the least as costs continue to run no matter what. Those costs go well beyond the salaries of the 800K federal employees as it also impacts the entire U.S economy. Digits may vary as parameters are different in each analysis, but here are some estimates: from $13 billion a month, to $52 milliona day, or even $6.5 billion a week. So yes, a partial shutdown isn’t really a good idea. Or is it?

The real issue is “psychological” as voters are held hostages for the sake of a political divide and conquer. And yes, a majority does not even realize that they are being gamed. In a situation like this one, we also can clearly see the tentacles of power and how inter-dependent we all are to some various degrees. The government, which is supposed to protect the economy, has also the power to undo the latter. How exactly secure are we?

As a matter of fact, this blog is not in support of nor against the wall, because there is only one valid move to pursue. What needs to be done is to end all the trade agreements for/by corporations such as CAFTA, NAFTA , FTAA, TPP, WTO, which are designed to pillage all the wealth from the so-called developing world, and institutionalizing slave wages where they see fit. Exploited people generally seek to flee when hunger is too much to endure. Poverty is the main drive of all immigration.

More realistically, the developing world isn’t poor for the most part, it just is that their political elites are in bed with  economic hit men operating globally. So from there, building the wall is nonsensical. The real culprit is corporate protectionism, but protectionism is a poisoned gift embedded in monetarism. So indeed, we do have a major obstacle to world peace and abundance here.

It is about time to address corporate power and its lobbyists working around the clock to buy their ways, and their collusion with regulators. Trump’s wall is a mere symptom of the extremely coercive entangled web of finance we all live in , which has clearly become unsustainable, and ultimately fueling xenophobia and discrimination.




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