Pedosexuality, The New Normal?

Yes think about that, think about the parents’ role in the gender/sexual orientation of their kids, yet these parents are not even questioned and blast those saying anything against them as “haters”. Here is what Wikipedia says about this drag kid: 

…. Napoles identifies as gay and states that he has been out since a very early age.[12]Napoles’s parents stated that at the age of two or three, they understood that he was “likely gay” and they exposed him to a variety of gay culture, including showing him drag performances and taking him to pride parades. Napoles’s parents stated that he was “openly gay” when he entered kindergarten.[1] Napoles’s mother reports that he began gravitating towards drag performances when he was two and watched RuPaul’s Drag Race.[13] According to Napoles’ parents, Napoles is on the autism spectrum and his drag activity helps him relieve symptoms of autism disorder.[14] wikipedia

But it is very likely that if we do not stand up and speak out, in 5-10 years from now, or perhaps less than that, pedophilia will be rampant and the new normal. How far does it have to go before too late?

This topic is so sickening that adding to it is pointless, judge by yourself and draw your own conclusions. Meanwhile money keeps people busy thinking of other things and hijacks their priorities, or blind them to the reality that is playing right in front their very eyes.

The video at the original link says that Oregon, California and Washington are working on the “gender neutral birth certificate” too.

The Haus of Amazing, first club for drag kids in NYC, is apparently still in the works, not yet open officially, but twitter account has over 5,000 followers. had taken down a page featuring “joey packer mini holder” , which is a holder for silicone prosthetic penises for kids. It is possible that the “press for truth video”, here below, has influenced their decision to delete the page.

PEDOSEXUALS” EXPOSED! (WARNING): Children Are Being Sexualized At An EXTREMELY Young Age! (press for truth)

NEW YORK, New York, December 17, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Perhaps sensing the horrific optics of the event, LGBT news sites have assiduously avoided reporting that their favorite 11-year-old drag kid “Desmond Is Amazing” danced on stage in a New York gay bar while adult male patrons tossed money his way as if he were a male stripper.

Desmond is Amazing 11yr old Drag Kid – Dances at Gay Bar while Full Grown Gay Men throw Dollars

I,Hypocrite – Desmond & The Party Monster
Possibly the most fucked up story on the internet. Michael Alig / Ernie Glam / Desmond is Amazing. (drag boy  Desmond speaking openly about ketamine, which is a hard drug, right at the beginning)

DRAG QUEEN KIDS: The New Normal?

Revealed: flood of Twitter users back paedophilia
Twitter is being flooded with accounts promoting paedophilia — and although the company says it is “aggressively taking action”, many of the users remain on the site. A Sunday Times investigation has found a string of accounts on Twitter that seek to normalise, promote and defend adults having sexual relationships with children. Some post with the hashtags#maps and #nomaps….. (jan 2019)

10 year-old Napoles, whom you may know as drag sensation Desmond is Amazing, is launching the Haus of Amazing, a kids-only drag club. No grownups allowed (which seems unsafe, to say the least). One would assume adults are involved in the creation and running of this business, while branding makes it sound as though it’s being run by a child. Due to launch in New York City in October, Desmond says that this is “the first and only drag club for kids who are doing AMAZING drag,” The Daily Mail reports. (jan 2018)

Gender neutral birth certificates to be available in NJ come February
Posted: Jan 04, 2019 VIDEO


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ALSO Fueling The Sexualization Of Kids

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