Reality Is Fake And So Is Materialism

Here is when everything ​took a turn for the worst​… ​in​ the era of Victorian scientists who ​suddenly ​proclaimed that matter is all there is, and that atoms shape reality. 
​C​an you imagine that the bible ​literally reads that ​the God spoke life into existence​,​ and which​ is why ​everything is vibration​ in the Cosmos​. A ​​Truth that has been ​out ​there for 2,000 years already, ​ and mentioned by many religious texts​ as well. Ye​some ​mainstream scien​tists are finally catching up​ but still faces the reject of their academic peers.
Thanks to materialism, there ​are ​just atoms​ out there​, so let​’​s worship monetarism​? Imposing this materialistic premise was key to the justification of the which of Darwinism. 
For those who  have not heard​ about the conclusion of double slit experiment until now, there are any materials available on the internet. But what is essential to recall about that very experiment is that matter behaves differently when observed. And this means that meaning of reality goes well beyond the our 5 senses, that there must be a Force or Field driving Reality and which is Consciousness.

Mainstream science has tried to elude the possibility with Quantum Science, but scientists won’t admit just yet to having lost the battle against rational materialism: 

When Quantum Science is Debunked…. ​with each grand step forward, we inevitably opened a new, untouched Pandora’s Box, and each time the same bothersome spirit emerged: The Unknown.  What a bother this Unknown is for the rationalists of the world, not because they won’t challenge it, but because so many spiritualists embrace it!​… ​More recently, scientists in quantum mechanics bemoan without end the bastardization of their science by New Age philosophies that claim that the universe is simply one vibrational field and we are all connected.​ ​

The ​separation of spirituality and science’s only objective is to implement educational  misrepresentations or outright manipulations. Meanwhile the materialist ruse keeps running the show, which is key to generating religious followers. 
The status quo needs to be ended.  And we must change to end it. Accepting that the Reality we think we know is f.a.k.e. That is how powerful our minds are. Look at what monetarism has done throughout the centuries. To do what? To assimilate us to a Computer Matrix? 
We are now reaping the very-long term side effects of this​ millennia-old​ indoctrination, and the Pendulum​, The Law of Rhythm,​ is back in full swing. 
​Our only safe bet is to be kind to each others as much as possible, and recognize that voluntaryism is the only workable model allowing enough intellectual and spiritual flexibility to adapt ourselves to the ever changing Reality. 


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