Invasion By Immigration Is All About Power

And we all are being fooled. After centuries of conquest (wars and invasions) which were rarely opposed by the masses, now the pendulum is swinging and conquest by immigration implemented, using the emotion of guilt.

But in a voluntary society, the rational stance is to never seek to invade/conquer physically or/and economically.. so nations can remain sovereign. Meaning that the concept of nations has been used as a trap to attack humans’ birthrights for about millennia.

The whole point is to create “anything” that can be taken from us, to control us, the meritocrats have figured it out a very long time ago… the end of the rabbit hole. The more we hold on to things and possessions, the more we are vulnerable.

Immigration, legal or not, mainly causes average wages to go down, and only corporations benefit. 

Some advertisers urging to boycott the TV show, and withdrawing their ads from Tucker’s airtime speaks volume while showing that money and truth do not mix for any monopolies.

It is impossible to get rich when remaining grounded and aware. The challenge of Earth Custodians on any social media. The change will come when enough people (a critical mass) support it.

Tucker Carlson could be demoted soon… but thanks Tucker for raising more facts demonstrating the fallacy of the demand and supply theory, which does not care about the people/workers but “political power”.

Tucker Carlson: Illegal Immigration It’s About Power


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