Chemicals Known As Endocrine Disrupters ALSO Fueling The Sexualization Of Kids

It is time again to look at the bigger picture and see where the dots connect. We all would agree that the trauma generated by acts of molestation and rape can deeply alter young boys/girls emotionally, and often destroys their lives.

But what about all these chemicals provoking the start of puberty much earlier? What a bounty for pedophiles, right? Or these boys claiming that they want a sex change at 12 years or age?

There is no need to depict more possible scenarios to fathom the horror we are going through as a civilization. Our youth is becoming more and more sexualized, and for the needs of the market. If a magazine like Vogue can feature a 10yo girl (pic at the bottom page) without being sued for at least indecency, then let’s get real: our society’s values are about to crash down.

Pedophilia and the sexualization of kids are being pushed down our throats from many angles. The less known factor is genetic memory that can be passed onto 14 generations. Meaning that if a great-great-grand parent was ever abused, one still could be affected emotionally, and even perhaps become a child molester, without having had any direct experience at all.

So, we not only have the culture but consumerism (endocrine disrupters are everywhere) and genetics, all together, fueling the sexualization of kids, on top of an ever increasing number of abusers. Bingo, seems like we have the “perfect combo” explaining why child/underage sex trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry that will not slow down, unless we accept to face the monsters that have become social engineering and the chemical industry. 

And yes, it is all about money in the end, think about that. Sex sells… kids sell… PTSDs sell…

Would people have higher standards of moral in a money-free society? Yes, definitely especially when trafficking is involved. Poverty and the structural violence are the main drives of child/underage sex trafficking. In a few weeks, we will be uploading a 40min video presentation/doc establishing this beyond doubt.

PS: please note that corporate predators are free to sell their poisons and it is up to the consumer to increase his awareness. Crimes are legal, because the power of monetarism made them so!

December 28, 2018 | Study PROVES chemicals in shampoo and toothpaste are altering sex hormones in adolescents

New research out of the University of California, Berkeley has revealed that many conventional shampoo, soap, and toothpaste products are loaded with endocrine-disrupting chemicals, or EDCs, that damage hormones in developing children. …. Young girls, the study found, are reaching puberty much earlier than normal as a result of exposure to these EDCs. And boys, it further found, are similarly experiencing reductions in testosterone levels from simple use of contaminated products. … Published in the journal Human Reproduction, the paper was compiled from data collected as part of the Centre for the Health Assessment of Mothers and Children of Salinas (CHAMACOS), which followed 338 children from pre-birth into adolescence to assess the impact of various environmental exposures….



MARCH 7, 2016 | A new study led by researchers at UC Berkeley and Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas demonstrates how even a short break from certain kinds of makeup, shampoos and lotions can lead to a significant drop in levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals in the body…. Researchers provided teen study participants with personal care products labeled free of chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, triclosan and oxybenzone. Such chemicals are widely used in personal care products, including cosmetics, fragrance, hair products, soaps and sunscreens, and have been shown in animal studies to interfere with the body’s endocrine system…. “One of the goals of our study was to create awareness among the participants of the chemicals found in everyday products, to help make people more conscious about what they’re using,” said Cárdenas…. FULL:



The Narcissism Epidemic And Sexualization Of Kids


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