The Hippies Were Right: It’s All about Vibrations, Man!
A Solar Storm Rocked the Earth 2,700 Years Ago—and Left Traces in Greenland’s Ice
Woman awarded $29 million in Johnson & Johnson baby powder cancer case
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates & His Relationship With Big Pharma
Media ‘gagged over bid to report MP child sex cases’ (2014)
Swimmer Sharon Davies explains with basic intelligence why people in male bodies who say they are women will destroy women’s sport. Stating the obvious is now ‘controversial’
Meat: We Don’t Need It, We’re Just Addicted To It
Right Now, Trump Can Start a Nuclear War, “On a Whim”
Massive Geomagnetic Storm Will Hit Our Planet On the 18th of March
The Super Rich of Silicon Valley Have a Doomsday Escape Plan
Public Health Warning Issued for Fluoride Toothpaste
The USDA Admits to Killing Over a Million Wild Animals Per Year to Protect Livestock
The Rapid Decline Of The Natural World Is A Crisis Even Bigger Than Climate Change
Students to United Nations: Stop Hiding Science about Global Collapse
No surprise here: Western diets cause life-threatening fatty liver disease – can we reverse it?
Pentagon doesn’t really know how $2.1 BILLION was spent on F-35 parts – watchdog
(2015) United Nations Planning “Biometric” Tracking Chip for Each Human By 2030
Amazon warehouse workers attempt to commit suicide on the job due to atrocious “slave-like” work conditions
Verizon to Cook Chicago and Minneapolis with 5G and Charge Customers Extra $10 a Month to Use It
Birmingham school to indefinitely suspend LGBT lessons for kids after parents’ anger
Summer is a few months ahead… avoid sunscreens at all costs! 
The Slap, True Abuse and Corrupt Child Protection with Tammi Stefano
Adding chemicals to marijuana for tracking purposes 
Pharma & Insurance Gave $43M to the 129 House Democrats Not Backing Medicare for All
Let’s be mature about pedophilia | Madeleine van der Bruggen | TED
Mark Zuckerberg wants to build a ‘brain-computer interface’ that can read your THOUGHTS, report claims
Monsanto’s top weedkiller now found in pet food as well as cereal
US Taxpayers On the Hook for Nearly $1 Billion in Saudi Arabia’s Recent Missile Defense Purchase
Ending war with another war? Erik Prince wants to send 1,000s of mercenaries to fix Afghan quagmire
Our Subverted History, Part 1 – Setting the Stage
Fury as developers cover trees in huge NETS to keep out birds and get around rules preventing the cutting down of nesting grounds
Councils are taking children who want to change gender into care if parents row with youngsters over their wishes | Court Rules Father CANNOT Refer To 14 Year Old Daughter as a “GIRL”: MUST Comply With TRANSITION!
Tucker Carlson in brilliant response to calculated mob-rule ‘scandal’ designed to destroy him video
Michael Tellinger Exposes the Hidden Controllers of Mankind
UK and US bombs caused nearly 1,000 civilian casualties in Yemen, damning report finds
 ‘Greatest scam in history’: Greenpeace co-founder thrashes global warming ‘brainwashing’ campaign
Endangered Grey Wolves Are About To Be Issued A “Death Sentence”
6-in-1 vaccine KILLS 36 infants, reveals “confidential” document – do we need more proof that vaccines are harmful?
Birmingham tells parents protesting LGBT lessons to stop helping extremists spread ‘message of hate’
Elizabeth Warren vows to break up Amazon, Facebook and Google if elected president
Caving in to the US? Brussels kills its own money laundering ‘blacklist’ after Washington criticism
Facebook steps up fight against vaccine misinformation
A Trump official said seismic air gun tests don’t hurt whales. So a congressman blasted him with an air horn.
Yemeni parents forced to ‘sell’ young daughters for food, Oxfam tells RT
NEC Corporation to Conduct Iris Scans at the South by Southwest Film & Music Festival
Blood Money: Meet the Top 20 Companies Profiting From Endless War
Jeremy Hunt warns 20 MILLION people are ‘on the brink of starvation’ in Yemen as he visits war-ravaged country and warn it is ‘the worst humanitarian crisis’ in the world
Is This the End of Recycling?
FDA Approves Ketamine Nasal Spray as Legal Antidepressant
FDA wants to turn CBD oil into a drug that will cost 32,500 as they ban all other CBD oils
CDC exposed as private corporation colluding with Big Pharma
Damning evidence against Cardinal George Pell | 60 Minutes Australia George Pell: The backlash to cardinal’s sexual abuse conviction | The Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse finally got under way
UK cash system ‘on the verge of collapse’, report finds
Militarised Conservation: Paramilitary Rangers and the WWF
Crimewave Britain: Military ‘READY’ to be deployed
Health insurance CEOs earned $342.6M in 2017
US flies B-52 bombers over disputed waters near China
French resist effort to censor criticism of Zionism 
Max Igan – Reflections on Life – L.A. 2019 podcast
In the Mouth of Madness: Who Writes Reality? documentary
Fears Britain will be flooded with chlorinated chicken and hormone-boosted beef as US demands UK DROPS ‘barriers’ to low-quality food imports in a post-Brexit trade deal 
French town installs microphones in crime-ridden neighbourhood to listen for suspicious sounds
Something rotten in the state of Denmark? Government wants stores to stop accepting cash
Japan to compensate thousands for trauma of forced sterilisation policy 
Don’t blame melting ice for polar bear attacks. Blame a bear baby boom
Scientists Are Hatching Mad Plans to Geoengineer Earth to Save Us from Global Warming
Big Pharma Gives Big Money to the Senators Who Will Question Drug Company
Thousands of yellow vest protesters take to the streets across France for a 15th weekend running
The Most Successful People Explain Why a College Degree is USELESS video
U.S. Student-Loan Delinquencies Hit Record
74 year-old German must move out from flat to make room for migrants
Stargates, Dark Energy, and Manipulating Extra Dimensions (Oh My!) video
Yemeni women, children slaughtered by US-made ammunition: Houthi
Monsanto: judge threatens to ‘shut down’ cancer patient’s lawyer
NASA hides page saying the Sun was the primary climate driver, and clouds and particles are more important than greenhouse gases
Salvini Calls For Elimination Of Italy’s Central Bank, “Prison Time For Fraudsters”Italy is on The Brink of a REVOLUTION!
Zeitgeist’s Peter Joseph Talks New Human Rights MovementInterReflections, Film Trailer (Extended), by Peter Joseph
America’s Fraudulent Organics Industry: 40% of All Organic Food Tested Positive for Prohibited Pesticides
Gay & trans sex education to be taught to FIVE-YEAR-OLDS in UK & opting out is ILLEGAL
Underage Predator Jeffrey Epstein Given a Plea Deal, Protected by both, Dems and Reps VIDEO
 Airlines admit having cameras installed on back of passengers’ seats
Global 5G WIFI Will BLANKET The Earth in A MOSAIC of “CELLS” – What You NEED To Know! With Max Igan VIDEO
Australia approves dumping of one million tons of sludge near Great Barrier Reef
France Could Ban Hate Speech Convicts From All Social Media For Life
Smartphone Apps Sending “Intensely Personal Information” To Facebook – Whether Or Not You Have An Account
US cardinal expelled from Catholic Church over sexual abuse allegations
Mike Pence claims Iran is planning a ‘new Holocaust’ to destroy Israel
E.U. 2019 – ITALY IGNITING the European Spring video
Government vaccine expert witness turns whistleblower, tells truth about vaccines causing autism… total media cover-up
Moscow cops may get AR-googles with automatic facial recognition
Super Bowl And Valentine’s Day Spending To Reach A Combined $34.8 Billion
Aldous Huxley on Technodictators
Third Eye Pineal Gland: The Biggest Cover Up in Human History
Over 8 millions of children now on psychiatric drugs in America
Beef Industry-Backed Laws Make it Illegal to Sell Plant-Based ‘Meat’ Products in US
Most Expensive Midterm Ever as Special Interests Paid Billions in 2018
World Health Organization Admits Medical Benefits Of Cannabis — Moves To Change 1954 Policy
“Faith Healer” of Oprah and the Clintons has been Arrested for Mass Murder & Trafficking   |  Brazilian healer accused of sexually abusing more than 300 women
Writer Sues Twitter Over Ban for Criticizing Transgender People
NJ Voters Furious As Governor Prepares To Sign a Law That Will Tax Rain Water
Plummeting insect numbers ‘threaten collapse of nature’
Hand database could be used to catch child abusers, says leading forensics expert
‘I am not a puppet’: EU war of words erupts as Italian PM rejects Verhofstadt’s claims
Stop ACTA 2: Protests, Internet Blackouts and Hacktivist Actions To Lead Up To Final Vote On Dystopian Articles 11 and 13 In EU
£123 billion of property is barely used in Britain as experts call for Empty Home Tax 
FDA Admits That Government Is Recommending Untested, Unlicensed Vaccines for Pregnant Women
The (AI) doctor will see you now: Study finds artificial intelligence diagnoses flu, gastroenteritis and meningitis in children more accurately than medics
They Are After Your Mind – Don’t Let Them Have It: Icke Podcast
NBE Talks To Astrologer Krasi Attasio About The Hijacking Of Astrology & Who We Are
US Senator Blumenthal Raises Concerns on 5G Wireless Technology Health Risks at Senate Hearing video
How Portugal Successfully Tackled Its Drug Crisis video
Former transgender exposes child cruelty of LGBT agenda: “Grooming… child abuse”
World’s leading authority on vaccines details the use of aborted babies in vaccines while under oath – video
We’re ready to strike back against Russia and China: Defence Secretary to announce Britain’s flagship aircraft carrier will be deployed in the Pacific
Generic drug companies conspired to fix drug prices and rake in billions by cheating customers, lawsuit says
Feds sue Lockheed Martin for kickbacks & fraud in Hanford nuclear site clean-up contracts
Desperate couple who received benefits while caring for their dying son have been left with just £20 a week in Universal Credit to provide for their other child
Media Blackout: Woman Found Dead Days After Exposing Bill Clinton’s “Faith Healer” As Child Rapist – Mysterious “Suicide”
Microchip implants for currency takes off
This Is How A.I. Bias Really Happens — and Why It’s so Hard to Fix

The criminalization of science whistleblowers: An interview with Judy Mikovits, PhD video

5G tech is ‘crime under international law’
Smart pills filled with tiny needles could inject medicine directly into your stomach
Shocking Information About Splenda/Sucralose Side-Effects 
Leaked Wikileaks Doc Reveals US Military Use of IMF, World Bank as “Unconventional” Weapons
How Will We Feed the Growing Human Population? A Peer-Reviewed Report by 30+ Experts Says More Plants and Less Meat Is the Solution
The ‘shocking details’ of the Green New Deal
Icke: The War On Masculinity – A Step On The Road To The Submissive Synthetic Human (VIDEO)
The £5BILLION HS2 property disaster: Buying land for the route is set ‘to cost five times budget’, campaigners warn
France recalling ambassador from Rome after Italy’s deputy PM meets Yellow Vest leaders
The Real Face of the European Union (video)
New emails reveal CDC employees were doing the bidding of Coca-Cola
How Modern Reality Is Being Manufactured (video)
The Rise of the Robot Reporter
Popular iPhone apps are recording your screen! Expedia, Hollister and Air Canada are among the firms replaying your activity
French & German farmers forced to destroy crops after GMOs found in Bayer/Monsanto seeds
France condemns Italy’s meeting with gilets jaunes leader
Here’s How YOU Can Be Profiled Even If You’ve NEVER Used Social Media
Big Oil Is Covering Up These Five Health Dangers Of Fracking
A global catastrophe’: Radiation activist warns that 5G networks are ‘massive health experiment’
Britain’s driverless revolution will be a car crash as safety rules are recklessly scrapped
Acreage Cannabis Ad Rejected For Super Bowl By CBS
The Shamanic Perspective On AI and Transhumanism
Fearing Yellow Vests, Macron Attacks French Civil Liberties
Is Fear Driving Sales Of Monsanto’s Dicamba-Proof Soybeans?
VIDEO Elon Musk does not care about your degree (2014)
Nobel Laureate in Physics; “Global Warming is Pseudoscience” VIDEO
Climate Change chief John Gummer faces calls to quit over £600,000 payments from ‘green businesses’ to his family firm where daughter he famously fed a beef burger during the height of BSE crisis is a director 
Major western brands pay Indian garment workers 11p an hour
Studies confirm: Potential risks of 5G wireless radiation are too serious to ignore
Prisons Across the U.S. Are Quietly Building Databases of Incarcerated People’s Voice Prints
EU Parliament Boss: Efforts to Prevent Mass Migration From Africa a ‘Betrayal of Europe’
“Murder after Birth’ Bill in Virginia- Nurse WILL NOT COMPLY – VIDEO
20,000 5G satellites to be launched sending DANGEROUS BEAMS of intense microwave radiation ACROSS THE WORLD
Monsanto’s “Malicious Conduct” & “Complete Manipulation of Science” Regarding Roundup® Finally Exposed By Attorney Brent Wisner  |  The End Of Mosanto Is Nearing 
3 Top Dangers of LED Lights 
China To Use Nuclear Detonator In Fracking Project That Could Trigger Earthquakes
Teenager Who Sold His Kidney for an iPhone is Now Bedridden for Life
They’re Spending Billions to Chip Our Brains VIDEO
Refusal to hand over Venezuelan gold means end of Britain as a financial center – Prof. Wolff
The Deeper Meaning of “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”
Future of home security or creepy surveillance tool? Panasonic’s smart lamp has an in-built ‘secret’ camera
SAY WHAT??! Apple’s FaceTime Bug Was NOT A Mistake! Documents Reveal Spying PATENT!
Gilets Jaunes Call For An Unlimited Strike In France VIDEO
Keyless technology has left the majority of new cars vulnerable to thieves, Which? report finds
Study links high levels of screen time to slower child development
Impotence, substance abuse, brain tumors? New documents reveal ultra-creepy Google ad tracking
Across America Mystery Planes Are Releasing “Huge Plumes” Of Aluminum And Other Particles, Baffling Meteorologists
Earth Could Be Crushed to The Size of a Soccer Field by Particle Accelerator Experiments, Says Astronomer
US government shutdown cost more than border wall Trump asked for
Artificial Intelligence Is Already Sending People to Jail — and Getting It Wrong
MIT Scientist “AI Will Run Blockchain Control Grid” w/ Kevin Lawton (1of2)
Another Ethereum hard fork turns out to be a scam. But this one was more subtle
Omar Aktouf : Le futur du management. Why we need a paradigm shift  VIDEO
EXCLUSIVE: Yell0w Vests- What’s Really Happening In France VIDEO
Why Doctors Do Not Recommend Veganism 
Macron Ou L’Orgie Des Ultra Riches VIDEO
Top FDA Official Blows Whistle as Agency Approves Drug 10X Worse Than Fentanyl, Funded by DoD
Earth Could Be Crushed to The Size of a Soccer Field by Particle Accelerator Experiments, Says Astronomer
Big Pharma payoffs to doctors cause an increase in opioid deaths… guns don’t kill people; DOCTORS do
‘Puppet of big banks’: French hit back at Macron’s ‘I’m one of you’ overture
Doctors should stop using the word cancer: Low-risk tumours should be renamed ‘indolent’ because the c-word traumatises patients, leading expert says
France, Germany & Spain issue ‘identical’ threats to recognize Venezuela’s self-appointed president
The US is Set to Spend $1 Trillion Upgrading Nuclear Weapons (2016)
CBO: U.Snuclear arsenal to cost $500B over next 10 years 
Children as young as 11 are being taken into care over fears they are addicted to gaming with 13 youngsters removed from their families in two months due to concerns over computer use
Bank of England refused to return $1.2 billion in gold to Venezuela – reports
Swine Flu Now Spreading in Yemen as Health System Crumbles under Saudi Attack
Brazilian corporate dam collapse leaves at least seven dead and 200 missing
California Devastated Utility Proposes $2 Billion Rate Hike To Fund “Wildfire Safety”
Canadian Bankers Association wants to create a National Digital ID
MIT Scientist “AI Will Run Blockchain Control Grid” w/ Kevin Lawton (1of2)(2of2) VIDEOS
Climate change on Earth is ‘significantly’ impacted by solar activity, profound new study confirms
Trump suggests he could deport 11 million migrants if he doesn’t get border wall funding in veiled shutdown threat: ‘Be careful Nancy’
German arms manufacturer may sue Berlin over halt in arms sales to Saudi Arabia
Hillary Clinton Wants New York State to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth: ‘There’s No Time to Wait’
VIDEO – Artificial Intelligence: it will kill us – Jay Tuck
France in flames: 84,000 Yellow Vest protesters take to the streets across six cities as they attack a bank and riot beside Napoleon’s tomb in Paris on the TENTH weekend of demonstrations
£200,000 on facial recognition and zero arrests: UK police slammed for wasting public money
Glyphosate is Carcinogenic: EU Regulatory Authorities Colluding with Agrochemicals Industry
VIDEO – Secret Brain-frying Microwave Technology UNMASKED!!!
Something Is Happening In Egypt.. Are THEY Hiding It?
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Big Tech Platforms ‘Definitely Collaborate’ on Censorship ‘Methods’
EXPOSED: ‘NewsGuard’ organization founded by globalists to censor independent media has ties to pro-Monsanto American Enterprise Institute
Shocking video shows fireman Yellow Vest protestor shot in the back of the head by French police, leaving him with serious brain injuries, as protests against Macron continue
The Decline and Fall of the European Union
EU glyphosate approval was based on plagiarised Monsanto text, report finds
Why Yellow Vest protests scare establishment – Tucker Carlson
Scientists Speaking on Health Effects of Cell Phone Wireless Radiation
Over a million children under the age of six are currently on psychiatric drugs in America
The Exploitation of “Drag Kid” Desmond Is Amazing
The Transportation Department is Funding Autonomous Drones, It also wants to research how self-driving vehicles can be manipulated to threaten the public
The obsession with ‘racism’ is destroying freedom and heralding an age of pure tyranny – Tucker Carlson
Anonymous, Pirates and Activists Challenge Articles 11, 12a, 13 With Stop ACTA 2 Protests January 19th Across Europe
The Government Shutdown Will Cost More Than Trump’s $5 Billion Border Wall Funding, According to Experts
EU JUGGERNAUT France and Germany ‘plot to merge borders, economies and defence policies in latest step towards EU superstate’
Millennials with debt owe an average of $36,000—and paying it down isn’t their top priority
French riot police are now using semi-automatic weapons
20,000 Satellites for 5G to be Launched Sending Focused Beams of Intense Microwave Radiation Over Entire Earth
We’re reactivating the people’s army’: inside the battle for a hard Brexit
Video of newborn seized from indigenous mom goes viral & triggers uproar in Canada
During immunization, children are injected with Triton X-100, a chemical surfactant made by Dow Chemical
Damning new evidence that Dr Kelly DIDN’T commit suicide: The disturbing flaws in the official government story surrounding the death of Blair’s chemical weapons expert
Ivanka Trump could be next head of World Bank: US president’s daughter is among nominees for top role including former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley
Vast fracking waste dumps are destroying Patagonia’s indigenous land
Samsung users CAN’T delete Facebook app: Furious customers take to social media after being unable to remove the software in the wake of revelations over the firm’s handling of data
Chemtrails Are REAL Say Pilots, Meteorologists, Doctors and Scientists
The Stomach-Churning Violence of the Agrochemical Oligopoly
‘There will be two civilisations in Europe – one Christian, one mixed Islamic’: Hungary’s PM calls for ‘anti-immigrant forces’ to take over EU and says he’ll ‘fight’ Macron to save his country
Germany Expects 3.6 Million Refugees to Arrive by 2020 – Economy Ministry
Airports told to invest in anti-drone devices as Heathrow plans £10 million system
Tucker Carlson: The staggering uniformity of ‘progressive’ political and media lackeys – ‘manufactured’ is the word of the day (a must watch video) 
What They’re Not Telling You About the Yellow Vests (video) A Message of Support from the New Chartists to the British ‘Gilets Jaunes
Two bosses are given ‘staggering’ £473,000 redundancy payoffs as their councils merge to ‘SAVE MONEY’
Rise of the robots: Nearly nine million British jobs could be lost to AI by 2030 with workers in retail, manufacturing and business administration most at risk
The next car bomb: Cars already on the road can be hacked and taken over, used to kill millions, according to expert
Britons ‘will continue to hand over £200million in aid to Bangladesh’ – despite fears country’s government rigged elections to stay in power
Threat of revolt forces rethink of ‘catastrophic’ universal credit
The EU: From Social-Democratic Dream to Neoliberal Nightmare
Riots erupt as women make history by entering one of the holiest temples in India VIDEO
Eight-year-old boy questioned by counter-terrorism police officers in London school over ‘radicalisation’ fears
Crucial Universal Credit vote delayed amid poverty concerns
Remainer MPs threaten a Donald Trump-style SHUTDOWN of the British Government to stop Theresa May triggering a no deal Brexit as PM vows to press ahead with vote
ABC7 News: LA Firefighters Halt Cell Towers on Fire Stations Due to Radiation Concerns video
Scientists 4 Wired Tech for thoroughly documenting what has been happening to residents in Sebastopol, CA after a Macro cell tower was installed 250 to 500 feet from their homes’ video
UN Staff Member: 5G Is War on Humanity video
UK spends £200,000 of taxpayer money to protect hate preacher… after deporting him  |  Britain handing £1.5BILLION to the world’s most corrupt countries – despite warnings much of it will be wasted, stolen or seized by terrorists
Bayer Shares Jump After Monsanto Weedkillers Court Ruling   | Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell (Corbett report)
Trump confirms he said government shutdown could last months or years
The Cancer Industry is Too Prosperous to Allow a Cure
Los Alamos Research Explains How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA
Bolsonaro Unveils Mass Privatization Plan for Brazil While Slashing Taxes for Rich and Wages for Poor 
The Green New Deal With The AI Demon
Chinese Newspaper: Beijing Should Prepare For War In The Taiwan Straits  | Inside China’s censorship factories, where young censors learn to erase history
Pope Francis’ Argentinean Protegé Accused of Sex Abuse
Clinton Crony Says Bernie Supporters Must Be Silenced for 2020
School policy forces kids with bad grades to wear special IDs: ‘Public ridicule,’ says ACLU
Mass Psychosis and The Church of Humanitarian Interventionism
The Truth About 5G – Dr Graham Downing
Canada charity used donations to fund Israel army bases
Depression in girls linked to higher use of social media |  Ex-Facebook president Sean Parker: site made to exploit human ‘vulnerability’
This 43-year-old running for president in 2020 wants to give everyone $1,000 a month in free cash
Tucker Carlson: Mass immigration and what it means for low-paid workers… it is all about power!! VIDEO |  Tucker on mass migration’s effect on our environment  VIDEO |  Advertisers flee Tucker Carlson over immigration comments VIDEO
Why I Said Global Warming is the Biggest Fraud in Human History – Dan Pena – London Real video
Food Aid to Yemen ‘Snatched From the Starving’ by US-Backed Saudi Allies
California’s largest utility provider could face murder charges for wildfires, AG says
Jean Claude Juncker used private jets for almost half of his official visits this year, with one overnight trip costing £32,000, despite EU laws banning ‘air taxis’ unless there are no other flights
‘What Kind of Maniacs Are Running This Country?’: Pentagon Rings in New Year With Joke About Dropping Massive Bombs on People
 UK’s sugar time bomb: Children are consuming 22 stones of sugar before the age of TEN, as a third of Britain’s youngsters remain overweight or obese
State Law Requires Mandatory Flu Vaccines for All Kids Ages 2 to 4: Comply or Don’t Go to School
Mark Zuckerberg’s 2019 Resolution: More Political Censorship
China’s Xi Jinping threatens resort to ‘force’ to unify with Taiwan
Japanese researchers develop a prototype humanoid robot aimed at eventually replacing human labourers
The Great British rake-off… what really happens to the billions YOU donate to charity: Fat cat pay, appalling waste and hidden agendas

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