Booming Number Of Non-Profit Organizations Confirms The Global Degenerate Trends!

When looking at the trends of the non-profit sector, the upside is that it’s good news, more and more people awake to the shakiness of the system we do live in. There is no wonder as why 1 in 6 adults take psychotic drugs in America, people are just getting desperate. Awareness is definitely growing.

The steep downside is that the “charitable marketeers” are preying on the people’s fears induced by the media, which rather wish the populace to be complacent and feel helpless in the face of the upcoming jobless boom, automated weapons, inflation and stock market swings.

As fears that we are headed toward an impasse are growing, many have not figured out yet that the system itself is a very sick system. We can look into the causes leading us to the edge of the precipice, and blame the meritocrats, but at the end of the day, we still have the duty to take action. But that won’t happen until society reaches a critical mass.

However, non-profits do not really seek any resolutions of any issues, because most are run by a costly teams of employees, and often their CEOs pocket 6 figure salaries. And of course, everybody banks on job security.

A time where social media and world issues have collided, causing awareness on levels never seen before and people organizing at rates faster than we can blink an eye. … We seem to have the right amount of individuals aware and engaged in the battle to take on these pressing issues, so why are we continuing to see stagnant, slow or no progress? The issue lies in the way we are going about solving these problems. I mean, if we actually solved the problems of the world, why then would our non-profit organizations and awareness campaigns need to exist?

Ironically or not, the writer quoted above openly confesses to what is wrong with most non-profits. Take Greenpeace, for example, have you ever heard of anything major this org has ever done for humanity? The pollution and human sufferings are on the increase and we all know that it is going to get much worst because politicians follow the money.

The fastest-growing part of the U.S. economy is not business, at least not the commercial It’s the nonprofit sector. In the past decade, the number of nonprofit groups has grown by 25 percent to 1.6 million. They now account for 5.4 percent of gross domestic product and 10 percent of jobs. (bloomberg 2105)

Pink colored glasses no more. The non-profit sector operates for profits, it is business as usual and major charities even have their lobbies bribing the for profit sector. Both sides of the fence are now colluding, and this means that nothing is going to ever change.

Former Charity CEO Pleads Guilty To Multi-Million-Dollar Political Corruption Scheme (nov 2018.

Many are doing that, and have not yet been caught. That is what they do abroad, corrupting the developing world. This is heavily documented and inquiring minds will find all the data validating this very quickly. It is all over the net

The nonprofit sector is exploding. There are 1.5 MILLION nonprofit organizations registered in the US. Last year, individual donations reached a high of $390.05 BILLION. More than 62 million people volunteer each year. … Nonprofits Add Jobs Faster Than For-Profit Sector: Report (2012)

390 billion?! Right but not so strangely, the average non-profit spends 30% or so of its donations for the needy. Meaning that there is a lot of money sloshing around — and between pals. The collusion course, caused by monetarism itself, is inevitable.

“Climate change deception” aside, most of world crises are genuine since monetarism is at the core of inequality. But hiring more employees will require more aggressive fundraisers. Many non-profits lurk in the shadows and have now turned predators themselves.

To continue to serve the nonprofit sector as the leading information source for nonprofit management. To provide news and information to help nonprofit executives improve their fundraising efforts and to run their organizations more efficiently. To empower marketing professionals with expansive yet focused marketing solutions, including digital lead generation and content marketing opportunities that will grow revenue, inspire customer loyalty, and drive thought leadership.

Yes, the industry is getting stronger every day at extracting donations from people who do not have the access to real information to make up their minds, while the real problem is “the toxic market mindset” as explains Peter Joseph in 12mns podcast.

As technology becomes more powerful, we continue to do more with less workforce… and the fact is that capitalism the leading cause of death now. Indirectly or not.

Peter Joseph: The Global Degenerate Trends


EDIT: The Great British rake-off… what really happens to the billions YOU donate to charity: Fat cat pay, appalling waste and hidden agendas More than 195,289 charities in UK raising close to £80billion a year Many have become ‘hungry monsters’ using money to feed own ambitions David Craig’s new book exposes the truth about Britain’s charity industry Recent inquiry found there are too many charities to keep track of activities


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