We Are Becoming The Internet, The Internet Is Becoming Us

 Although many didn’t see it come, let’s also blame ourselves as part of the problem that could plunge the planet into a never-ending nightmare if we continue to think in terms of “possessions, career and the next paycheck” .

The end goal is not our wallets but the total imprisonment of the human mind. How much people care about their wallets is a perception to keep the crowds distracted so that the devious “cyber assimilation” can be socially engineered without encountering too much resistance.

The Material will always remain a bait, a facade, a illusion. Materialism has even destroyed humans’ attention span, which is about 8 seconds nowadays, meaning close to that of a goldfish.

Humans have shorter attention span than goldfish, thanks to smartphones … Goldfish, meanwhile, are believed to have an attention span of nine seconds…. (2016)https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2016/03/12/humans-have-shorter-attention-span-than-goldfish-thanks-to-smart/

Living in a goldfish reality means that the survival instincts come first. And the latter are very specific to human traits.

The negative aspects of this short attention span vary: from the incapacity to relate to a bigger picture and therefore burying one’s head into the sand and giving one consent away even faster than ever before… to an increase of egotic pursuits, materialism and selfishness…. to a narcissism epidemic.

What is happening with the planet goes beyond monetarism now as it is clear that the world does not have enough cash to fix its dire issues. $270 trillion worth of debt globally means that all assets have been sold and resold several times already, sure, accounting tricks and magic by the hidden hand made it happen.

But more importantly, reclaiming our minds is becoming a much more urgent matter. And the time has come to choose… our minds and forget about our materialism … or our materialism and accelerate the completion of our cyber assimilation. What do you choose?

13mins: We Are Becoming the Internet, the Internet Is Becoming Us by Aaron & Melissa Dykes (evidence of a cyber takeover)




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