Why Is Capitalism A Fantasy?

We are worried today about economics, we always have been and always will be as long as we worship economics, as long as we make the dollar deity, we are going to be out worshiping the golden calf, and we always will be in trouble… Nature wants the individual to live with a little ambition and great deal of aspirations… and the more we become the less dependent we become upon accumulation…. (lecture available on YT) Manly P. Hall | Escape from the Tyranny of Our Own Thoughts

We have become a people’s farm because obviously some know more than most. But the main strength of their knowledge is rather metaphysics. The top 1% is well too aware that metaphysics rules over the physical realm. Just like Max Igan said in one of his latest podcasts, it is time to reclaim the pyramid symbol and the eye of horus, which are ostracized by many alternative media merely because the hidden hand gives them pejorative meanings, while the fact is that only Awareness and Enlightenment can end our dire conundrum. The eye also merely representing the “pineal gland”, the center of consciousness in humans after all. 

So Called Free market

Capitalism, to distance itself from centralization, argues that free market conditions are essential to its foundations but there have never been such “free markets” in the entire world history because as stated previously the goal of competition is to eliminate all competition for the sake of wealth concentration. Such dynamics is embedded in monetarism. Free Market only works as theory.  If the whole isn’t free, one is not free. The whole is one, and the one is whole. Nothing is voluntary if it does not go both ways. The one and the whole must mirror one another.

A competition-free model is not capitalism but Voluntaryism

What Laissez-Faire?

Anarcho-capitalism advocates for the end of centralization, which is great, but in the practical sense it is merely impossible because collusion is not preventable in any way. Laissez-faire is therefore double talk essentially benefiting the top down by subterfuge. Those who have the most always collude because they want to keep their advantages and perks.

A collusion-free model is not capitalism but Voluntaryism

The Wealth Mirage

Another inherent flaw is that capitalism cannot prevent any mania because it creates them in the first place. Value being entirely subjective, demand can be distorted very easily therefore. This is what actually causes the beginning and end of the mania itself, when nobody can afford anymore to be part of it. Only well connected traders and bankers and their cliques know when comes the time to dump (before any induced sell-off)

A Mania-free system is not capitalism but Voluntaryism

Small lies, big lies

To increase the demand, embellishment is definitely required. The more competition the more lies have to be used to remain competitive. 80-90% of TV commercials are falsehoods in disguise, either unhealthy or have planned obsolescence embedded in them or made by people earning slave wages. Capitalism can never be the answer because Knowledge ever progresses, so we cannot sell lies or ignorance while claiming being omniscient. In that sense, monetarism helps perpetuate deceptions.

The quest for Truth as a model is not capitalism but Voluntaryism

Wealth Accumulation Fantasy

Nobody accumulates anything because death is what we can all expect at some point. The world is sick from passing down this neurosis from a generation to the next. It is a deception. We belong to Earth. And Earth belongs to the Cosmos. Just as any organism and subparticle, Earth and Man are fractals within the Cosmic Creation.

The proper metaphysics is not supported by capitalism but Voluntaryism

Slave Wages

Remember the colonies and their legacy? Well, without exploitation the first top wealthy families would have to been able to make it. The same can be said when Asia and Latin America began to offer “so-called competitive wages”. Wealth cannot be achieved without slave wages. And the middle-class refunnels the money back to the top. Money goes into a full loop. Who benefits? Qui bono?

Once a system endorses poverty in various forms it eventually self destructs. A Natural Law. All the booms and busts throughout history have been stark warnings, which were ignored… and now a major economic world crisis is lurking because of the failure to address the issues in favor of a top-down system. That is just how life is. Really? Or is complacency at fault?

Spending Neurosis

The coercion and collusion of the few fuels the servitude of the many. A sick system that cannot be rescued. When talking in term of increasing profit and competition, all the means are good to exploit consumer spending. Propaganda becomes a way of life. “Strong spending” merely means that consumers go into more debts, which is always inflationary. And monetarism cannot survive without any form of leverage. An economic flat line would even render monetarism meaningless over time.

Nemesis of the Truth

When a top-down manages society, the latter controls the flow of information in the mainstream media, which can manipulate people’s perception using their influence. The more a top down consolidates (what we see today) the more difficult to speak out it is.



When realizing the beyond staggering pollution caused by industrialization, and which is inherent to the corruption of science by and for profit, indeed the price tag is beyond tremendous, we can no longer escape the consequences. Meaning that we can no longer produce to satisfy profit seeking. This is a dead end.


Nature’s Law for humans.

Man is not animal because his awareness is able to understand how Natural Laws operate instead of being subjected to them like animals. The main duty of mankind is to witness and protect Creation. Therefore we must have a non-coercive premise that respects Life, and which is Voluntarysim.


PS: this blog is a compilation of the knowledge that has been shared so far. Earth Custodians feel that it is necessary to keep their philosophy straight forward and comprehensible. Feel free to share it to give the paradigm shift a boost.
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