95% Of Your Life Is Programmed By The First 7 Years Of Your Life

These 7 years are a Gift from Nature, they could be the building blocks of peace in the world, but instead competition is pushed down people’s throats from a very early age, then they end up believing that it is just how life is. Yet we often complain about life, feel deeply unhappy, in contradiction with our true self

A child below the age of 7 has a lower vibration than consciousness , he is in the Theta mode, which is the state of hypnosis, so he is going to interpret anything that hears and sees as a programming. But amplified as the Theta mode is imagination, which is usually extremely vivid and active in children.

If repeated many times, kids will regard themselves as smart animals (humans comes from apes) and seek to validate their “dominant instincts” induced by the conditioning. Just think a few seconds of all these cartoons featuring coercion to various degrees. Cartoons even teach the pecking order, aka hierarchy (leaders and their followers) preparing them to accept that wars and politics must exist to protect freedom - and social order.

We now have 4,000 years of history evidencing this in all societies. Pro-wars, pro-masters, pro-selfishness and individualism, pro-mindless religious doctrines, pro-consumerism, pro-money, pro-atheism, pro-globalism, etc, etc… the list goes on and on. Millennia of coercion. We’d no long ask ourselves why the world is getting worse as decades go by.

The only system that will work is Voluntaryism because that is how the Intelligent Universe designed it. And this realization alone systematically implies the merging of science, philosophy and metaphysics. There is a reason as why these 3 fields have been kept compartmentalized since ever. And this state of affair is also keeping people deeply fragmented within, leaving many unable to connect the dots and at the mercy of the same scenarios over and over. History repeats itself? Look no further!

Society has been wrong all along, and the proof is today irrefutable as we poison nature and ourselves for the sake of power and profit seeking. It is time to free ourselves from all these fake programs and make a U-turn while we still can, because what lies ahead is pure Dystopia.

Ultimately, it only takes the courage to allow this realization to change the world. It all starts with a thought imagining a world dedicated to contribution allowing an infinity of passions about life to complete one another in environment where coercion is regarded as a scourge and rejected.

Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains HOW WE ARE PROGRAMMED AT BIRTH (an eye opening 5min video) 7,909,557 views

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