Humans Have Begun To Replace Bees As Pollinators

People who do not understand how we could shift toward a money-free society do not have the whole picture, because otherwise they’d see why it is the only choice we have left. It is the most rational choice ever. Sure, it is going to be a wild ride before we get there, and if we trust our hearts first, everything will fall into place organically, and each rocky adjustment pave the way for a greater good.

The capitalist myth: There is no way to intelligently distribute resources without prices. Some resources have more value than others. If they are not priced appropriately, they will be misused.

Let’s see how it is working in Reality, because obviously Nature is terribly misused. The inevitable outcome when our silent consent allows corporations to rule the game. But it was bound to unfold that way since money serves power at the expense of 75% of world population.

COUNTERPUNCH | DECEMBER 7, 2018 The Deathly Insect Dilemma…….. Insect abundance is plummeting with wild abandon, worldwide! Species evolve and go extinct as part of nature’s normal course over thousands and millions of years, but the current rate of devastation is off the charts and downright scary.

Earth Custodians mentioned this in several occasions already, and the last time was a few weeks ago. There are active anti-human forces working toward the end of humanity as we know it. It seems like there is a plan to terraform earth for what is coming next. And the chemical pollution might very well be part of the plan. Otherwise how can we explain the deliberate destruction of Nature on such a scale?

Yet, something is dreadfully horribly wrong. Beyond doubt, it is not normal for 50%-to-90% of a species to drop dead, but that is happening right now from Germany to Australia to Puerto Rico’s tropical rainforest. Scientists are rattled. The world is largely unaware of the implications because it is all so new. It goes without saying that the risk of loss of insects spells loss of ecosystems necessary for very important stuff, like food production….

Mainstream scientists rattled but they still do not come forward and demand all the major TV channels airtime for a world conference to share their grave concerns. The data should be all over because starvation could occur very fast. But sure, the hidden hand prefers to see people chase their paychecks while going from paycheck to paycheck – and watching sport and their favorite celebrities.

“More than three-quarters of the world’s food crops rely at least in part on pollination by insects and other animals,” (Source: Pollinators Vital to Our Food Supply Under Threat, FAO/UN)…. Additionally, herbicides like glyphosate (Roundup) allow industrial farming to grow perfect monocultures of crops, as everything else is wiped out. But, where does the glyphosate ultimately go? Breakfast anyone? ….. “Neonics are 5,000 to 10,000 times more toxic than DDT,” according to Jean-Marc Bonmatinof of The National Centre for Scientific Research in France,” Ibid.

Most people have ingested so much neonics and glyphosate, inhale so many chemicals plaguing their environment, that eventually they will develop cancers. By 2025, it is predicted that 1 in 2 adult will have cancer in the UK . Yes, sure poor diets are also part of the combo. And we can throw in the slow motion clogging of our guts by microplastics and microfibers while we are at it.

Let’s get real: The system we live in is completely anti-life! And there were serious warnings almost 60 years ago:

Rachel Carson (Silent Spring, 1962) would be horrified. As far back as the 60s she warned about indiscriminate use of pesticides and accused the chemical industry of disinformation, and she scolded public officials for accepting the chemical industry’s claims; ultimately, her efforts led to a nationwide ban on DDT and inspiration for creation of the EPA. (The ban on DDT saved America’s national bird since 1782, the bald eagle.)….

See how politics exploited the situation? The EPA has been bought and sold by the lobbyists, and can no longer do its job. The goal of competition is to neutralize all competition.

A shortage of insect pollinators in the Maoxian Valley in China has forced farmers to hire human workers at $19 per worker/per day to replace bees. Each worker pollinates 5-to-10 apple trees by hand per day. (see also:

All good for corporations, so that they can control the production even more. And at some point, they will start to send in robot bees. It only is a matter of time. Nobody is going to work a whole day for 20 dollars in the West, so robot bees are very appealing as an investment. Problems are always more profitable after all. Surprise, surprise, a big corporation is already on it to secure future profits.

Robot drone bees? It’s not a horror movie, it’s a Walmart patent (march 2018)

Materially Engineered Artificial Pollinators (2017)
The Bigger Picture,. The global pollination crisis is a critical issue for the natural environment and our lives. The need to develop an innovative pollination tool that does not require time and effort to achieve pollination with a high success rate is urgent.


Over that same 40-year time period, the average high temperature in the rainforest increased by 4 degrees Fahrenheit. Which negatively impacts insects because after a certain thermal threshold insects will no longer lay eggs, and their internal chemistry breaks down. … FULL ARTICLE:

Earth Custodians disagree here. One does not need to have a Phd to witness that every much hotter summer, the number of insects increases considerably, regardless of the latitude and longitude. This was thrown in to divert the attention from the chemicals. Its is like saying that carbon emissions are hazardous while plants definitely thrive on it , and that without plants there wouldn’t be any life on our planet.

CONCLUSION: we are about to merge with Dystopia, and our world will increasingly become synthetic, a replica of the organic realm, run by the IOT (internet of things) and humans are on the brink to have their thoughts synthesized under the absolute control of AI.

The anti-human forces must be stopped before it is too late.

(see: Business As A System Of Power… Pure Machiavellism Explained, and Death By Plastic)
Thomas Hobbes, in some older texts Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury, was an English philosopher who is considered one of the founders of modern political philosophy. Hobbes is best known for his 1651 book Leviathan, which established the social contract theory that has served as the foundation for most later Western political philosophy (WIKI)


It’s an interesting study in contrasts. The link between pesticides and bee die-offs is still subject to some dispute. So, in the face of uncertainty, the European Commission is erring on the side of the environment — voting to ban neonicotinoids for two years just in case they really are to blame for the bee collapse.

The United States, meanwhile, is erring on the side of certain economic interests — it’s still not clear that neonicotinoids are to blame, and pesticides are a billion-dollar industry, so regulators are moving slowly in setting restrictions…. MORE

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