China Warns US About ‘Great Depression & World War’

Let’s get real, monetarism has always meant war, no matter how people choose look at it. Capitalism vs communism is Kabuki theater at its finest.

Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance-drama. Kabuki theatre is known for the stylization of its drama and for the elaborate make-up worn by some of its performers. (WIKI)

A war with China – and Russia and Iran – was already debated a couple of decades ago by the alternative media but it was difficult to stick to any precise scenario. One of them is now playing out and with the 100’s of billions of dollars invested in defense programs, Pentagon is definitely on it. We can rest assured.

While many scenarios were possible, it often is the less likely that wins over, even though trade wars have dotted human history. And that alone should be a solid argument in favor of the money-free society. Monetarism is an obstacle to voluntaryism.

The relocation of all these American multinationals in China mainland was never planned for peace and prosperity but future all out wars. As profits are obtained by deceit and neurotic speculation, so goes the ending, which capitalists call “creative destruction”. Now that China has a growing middle classe, meaning that salaries have gone up, the country is no longer a “slave wage producer” and this spells even more trouble for its own economy.

Think about how paradoxical profit seeking really is. Corporations move out, settle where slave wages can be enforced easily, get all the profits possible while destroying the environment, then look for another part of the world to exploit to no end and where they can restart it all over again. Africa is the next huge destination for the corporate hitmen, and stock exchange hyenas and jackals.

This blog is not about evaluating the wildest speculations out there but trying to foster and promote some intellectual sanity and point to the obvious. That monetarism is the very first nemesis of peace. We have more than 4 millennia documenting this. Hard to deny, so why allowing the same patterns to repeat themselves?

Listening to war propaganda has not changed throughout history, our society is not more civilized than it was 2000 years ago because the means of killing have too greatly improved. There is no way out. Either we end centralization and power… or we won’t be able to avoid the trap we are led into.

Power is monetarism. Money is pro-collusion and pro-collusion is pro-war. That is as simple as that.

China warns US that trade war could escalate into ‘Great Depression & World War’ (NOV 28 2018)

“I don’t know if people really realize the possible consequences – the impact, the negative impact – if there is such a decoupling,” Ambassador Cui Tiankai told Reuters in an interview, stressing that further escalation could recreate the dire economic conditions that once lead to World War II. ………. “The lessons of history are still there. In the last century, we had two world wars, and in between them, the Great Depression,” the ambassador said. “I don’t think anybody should really try to have a repetition of history. These things should never happen again, so people have to act in a responsible way.” ……… President Donald Trump has repeatedly told reporters that tariffs on an additional $267 billion worth of Chinese goods are ready to go, should Beijing refuse to bow to US demands and stop intellectual property theft…………. MORE:

Chinese investors may turn to Russian market amid escalating trade tensions with US (NOV 2018)

Trade war with US pushes China to sweeten relations with India (NOV 2018)

US has been spending over 700 billion dollars a year to pursue seven wars and foment ‘regime changes’ or coups d’état on four continents and eight regions over the past two decades. This has only caused disinvestment in the domestic economy with deterioration of critical infrastructure, loss of markets, widespread socioeconomic decline and a reduction of spending on research and development for goods and services………… The top 500 US corporations invest overseas, mainly to take advantage of low tax region and sources of cheap labor, while shunning American workers and avoiding US taxes. At the same time, these corporations share US technology and markets with the Chinese………..

New Report Details Why a War between China and America Would be Catastrophic (AUG 2016)

The Pentagon Is Planning a Three-Front ‘Long War’ Against China and Russia
If you thought the “global war on terror” was a significant overreach for a single power, just wait. (APRIL 2018)

China in race to overtake the US in AI warfare (May 2018)
Beijing is pushing hard to integrate artificial intelligence and autonomous weapons – robotic arms capable of thinking and acting at the speed of light

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