Study Shows 60% Believe In Conspiracy Theories

Most conspiracy theories are conspiracy FACTS to start with because every investigation proving collusion is telling us that there is one. One does not always need to collude willingly (sit at the table and plot in secret) though, merely following the money trail helps minds converge and work together towards the same goals to monopolize the markets. Profit seeking sets all conspiracies into motion. In other words, a conspiracy does not need to be acknowledged by the participants per see.

But generally people engaged in collusion are aware of the latter but think that is just how business is done, that their meritocratic birth rights give them the permission to collude and create shenanigans as they see fit. The darwinian money making mentality even convinces CEOs that there is nothing wrong with slave wages for example.

There is a global collapse looming because society does not respect the inherent birth rights granted equally to every human, endorses darwinism/psychopathy by and for a meritocracy. World stock exchanges are the cradle of all conspiracies because there evidently is too much money there sloshing around.

By 2030, members of the wealthiest one percent of the global population are projected to hold 64 percent — a full two-thirds — of the world’s wealth. …. The Global 1% Is Destroying Democracy

Economic bubbles, slave wages, monopolies, fiat money, competition, moral relativism, technocratic mass surveillance, neuroscience takeover, military complex and corruption/collusion are all linked to people who think they are worth more than others and whose tentacles to enslave humanity are growing daily. But by doing so they also reveal themselves for what they truly are: technocratic control freaks and psychopaths.

That is precisely why social media censorship is raging and that technocrats want to imprison our minds for good (see: Are We Being Turned Into Forgeries Of Ourselves?) . In fact every time there is an abuse of our birth rights, there is a conspiracy to defraud and enslave. What has brilliantly demonstrated this blog.

Nature Dictates ALL Human Behaviors. Nature takes to IMMEDIATELY RE-GIVE and this respects output and input in the environment. Animals go by the Laws of Nature, so what does it imply for human beings?

This means that human beings must learn TO GIVE the same way Nature GIVES. GIVING is the only way we can survive as a species and civilization – or we begin to self-destruct. Humans are not animals because they have the ability to understand the GIVING AND REGIVING PROCESS.

We don’t need to kill each others nor do we need to STEAL from each other . Monetarism prevents this because accumulation of wealth is based on a fallacious premise: that man can rape Nature and abuse other humans.

Wealth accumulation is a full-fledged deception that has for been around for millennia. It is only when Man will start giving without worrying about the future that “abundance” will begin to set in!!!

The implications are tremendous because it gives the Purpose Of Life an brand new dimension. What we’ve been doing for centuries is just walking in circles and thinking linear. Materialism is the ultimate delusion. And the evidence of this is that social inequality has never been so huge. All monetary systems are same, they only differ on the means of control — and how to achieve it. Either by force or consent.

Why Capitalism Cannot Fix Anything At All

Of course when we understand the above only the Money-Free Society is making sense. The purpose of life is to contribute, to give our civilization so that a genuine abundance can unfold.

This uncharted territory is our only way out and it is great that many begin to get it. The Paradigm Shift surely has lots of potential now!

Thank you for helping spread the word.

“The fact that millions of people share the same vices does not make these vices virtues, the fact that they share so many errors does not make the errors to be truths, and the fact that millions of people share the same form of mental pathology does not make these people sane.” ― ERICH FROMM, THE SANE SOCIETY

The Shocking Story About “Ritualistic” Consumption:

Thu 22 Nov 2018 | Sixty per cent of British people believe at least one conspiracy theory about how the country is run or the veracity of information they have been given, a major new study has found, part of a pattern of deep distrust of authority that has become widespread across Europe and the US. …. The study was the most comprehensive examination of conspiracy theories ever conducted, and marks the first time academics have explored questions of conspiracy beliefs, social trust and news consumption habits across different countries.’ ….. Of the countries surveyed, Sweden was the least credulous of conspiracy theories, with 52% believing one or more of the theories polled by the researchers, as opposed to 85% for Hungary. In the US that figure was 64% and in France 76%. …

Nov 2018 | Anti-global warming atmospheric spraying programme ‘possible’, say engineers
(mainstream scientists begin to admit that chemtrails do exist but the latter claim that it is to address global warming, while there are facts saying otherwise, that they contribute to the warm up of the planet. )

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