The Drones That Never Land

Remember what we said in the previous blog (Just Anybody Could Be “Deepfaked” Now!) , that every time there is a new “discovery”, the latter will generally falls into the wrong hands first? Well, here is another pretty blatant case.

If you play the video below, you will hear a public safety officer claim that it is much CHEAPER to use technology instead of risking the lives of police officers. Of course, this justifies the buildup of our cyber prison. It is all about money and what is cheaper. Meaning that what is CHEAP is fundamentally a trap. Just like the cheap clothes manufactured by the “fast fashion industry” considered as the 2nd world polluter. Cheap ??? This is why we need a money-free society, to behave rationally and innovating without the constraint of money and the ensuing competition.

But in the case of our drones, let’s see how much cheaper exactly:

“Earlier this year the Hills borough County Sheriff’s Office in Florida spent $800,000 in taxpayer dollars on ShotSpotter which resulted in 10 arrests and they want another $430,000 for two more years. Which translates into more than $100,000 per arrest. It is the same story in San Antonio, Texas whose ShotSpotter contract translated into $136,500 per arrest. (from the quoted article, at the link)

Sure drones are much cheaper in the sense that they are able to perform almost 24/7. Eventually they will take many cop jobs over too. Police drones are not fully efficient yet, but that is the long-term goal. And the more drones will be built the CHEAPER they will also become. What is wrong with that picture? Do you see the paradox here?

The problem is that most of our law enforcement do not work, no matter which angle is chosen to glance at the picture. Drug gangs have often nothing to worry about, even though some of them can be sent to jail or killed. There always is somebody to replaced the “departing member”. The gang structure remains unchanged.

Then of course “white collar fraudsters” can blow bubbles into the global economy without fearing any consequences. Peter Schiff does not mince his words and calls it “monetary heroine”. Schiff told that this time the Fed will not be able to bail anybody out. What Earth Custodians have said a gazillion times. Cynically, this is key to give UBI a chance.

But back to our drones now. Bloomberg is really showing us what money is all about: taxing and bribing, either directly with taxpayers’ money or via so-called philanthropic foundations. Humanity is being really hijacked in the name of “security” by self-proclaimed power freaks. Willing to rule the world only makes sense in the mind of mentally sick people.

The pieces of the puzzle are coming together though. A global crash impoverishing a vast majority, then unleashing the drones to monitor the desperate crowds lining up to get their UBI benefits. And on top of that automation and AI taking over millions of jobs. In a few lines, this what we can expect within the next 5 to 8 years.

Drones are not fully ready yet, they are not yet performant enough. The error rate is around 40% or so, but in 3 or 4 years from now, technology evolving exponentially, drones will have an impressive accuracy rate . We can bet on that — and there will no place to hide anymore.

We still have a few years to maneuver to prevent the unfolding of Dystopia. Thank you for spreading the word!    

Bloomberg’s role-playing workshops convince the public to accept self-guided police drones equipped with microphones

Bloomberg is spending six million dollars on a “Mayors Challenge” that will put microphones in police drones. According to an article in WPFL 89.3, Bloomberg Philanthropies wants the Louisville Kentucky Police Department to send out self-guided aerial drones equipped with ShotSpotter microphones across the city. “The city will spend six months testing and refining the drone proposal. In October, four cities will win $1 million to continue the programs, while one grand prize winner will get $5 million from Bloomberg Philanthropies.” … For more than a decade Bloomberg Philanthropies has donated millions of dollars to turn police departments into mini-spy centers. Bloomberg’s website has an entire section devoted to law enforcement donations. The Daily Caller’s article “Law Enforcement For Hire” claims that Bloomberg has paid $6 million to State Attorneys to help resist President Trump. … Bloomberg’s Mayors Challenge is not focused on preserving our privacy but is instead focused on changing the public’s opinion about police surveillance. … MORE:

Deploying Drones to Help Police Officers Investigate Crime

Bloomberg donates $5 million to Baltimore police for new cameras, technology

New Drones Will Offer High-Tech Assistance To Police, But Raise Surveillance Concerns  






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