Just Anybody Could Be “Deepfaked” Now!

Have you already noticed that every time there is a new “discovery”, the latter will generally falls into the wrong hands first. Opportunists whose goals are to deceive. Meaning that most inventions motivate bad intents first. Think of our plastic pollution for a few seconds. Plastic sold to society as an energy saving investment, use and dispose. The invention of the computer also comes to mind .

And why?

Because of money, as there are more profits to make from of lies and deceptions. Truth is always a very hard or impossible sell.

Just think of all these beautiful promises about how technology would make society better. While it could be true, it never will because meritocrats are playing chess with our lives, regard us as mere commodities and squeeze all the sweat and despair out of populations so that the latter can retain their monetary value on the world stock exchanges. That is how they plan to extract more wealth and harvest 2/3 of the world wealth for themselves by 2030. (see article in “Meet The Cleaners”)

As the young woman explains in the video below, being deepfaked could happen to anybody. But right now it seems like porn producers are the first takers as they see much profit in making xxx rated movies starring “deepfaked celebrities” such as Angelina Jolie. Or just imagine any lawmakers. The Celebrity Cult Inc, is in for a shock. There are no laws in place regulating such activity as of yet.

But what if an investigation makes the claim that a raw footage reveal somebody as the 1st suspect in a murder case… or even terror plot? The possibilities are truly endless. On top of that technology becomes every day more sophisticated. Eventually AI could — and will –become the major “deepfake producer”.

Chasing AI-created fake videos with AI moderators doesn’t work (june 2018) https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/ywe4qw/gfycat-spotting-deepfakes-fake-ai-porn

From there one may assume that at some point proving that an image is deepfaked could turn out being very expensive. We already can easily imagine that SOME will make a lot of money (lawyers and deepfake experts) from it.

The nightmare is only beginning , DARPA is on it too now and this does not bode well. Entire deepfaked TV news could be created to enforce more control over the masses. Dystopia is accelerating!

As DARPA researchers work on identifying manipulated videos, and lawmakers call for an intelligence community report, the DHS is staying tight-lipped on deepfakes. https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/topic/deepfakes

Money, the tool for collusion and enslavement, is approaching the last frontier… or we let it go and end monetarism – or we are toast as a society if a critical mass does not step in soon — and begins to lead the crowds through the maze of Reality.

The world needs many Lighthouses!


Deepfake Videos Are Getting Real and That’s a Problem
Computer-generated videos are getting more realistic and even harder to detect thanks to deep learning and artificial intelligence. As WSJ’s Jason Bellini finds in this episode of Moving Upstream, these so-called deepfakes can be playful, but can also have real, damaging consequences for people’s lives.



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