Psychologists Awaken To The Horror They Helped Create

With great power comes great responsibility. But how close to the Truth are most willing to get? Truth is the “Great Destroyer” and anybody not willing to let go his perceptions stands to lose everything. The threat comes from within as much as the answer to all our ills is too within. We are our own enemies and saviors at once

Perceptions are just good for what they are: emotions and observations to help us move forward. Problems arise as soon as one takes them for granted. Then the brick wall appears on the horizon.

The field of Psychology is pretty doomed at this stage, and it will be among the first dominoes to fall… should a genuine awareness really spread — and fast.

Indeed, when the industrialization era began its rise, infamous psycho-analysts like Edward Bernaise and Victor Lebow did the exact same things when hired by mega corporations to plunge the gullible public into a never ending and neurotic consumption. The aftermath is the ongoing destruction of Nature and chronic diseases being rampant. The efficiency of the market is a total hoax. It is all made up and sold to us subliminally — We have been had!

The Shocking Story About “Ritualistic” Consumption:

Nothing has changed since then. Psychology has been the instrument of our social demise. And it is psychology again that is pushing for the sexualization of kids and seeking the legalization of pedophilia.

The West Begins To Legalize Pedophilia And Sex-Doll Brothels:

It is very important to connect these dots, to understand as why Psychology is a monopoly that is as much criminal as BigPharma itself. Both works hand in hand. There are the most lethal cartels that society has ever given birth to. It is clear by now that the latter want to farm humans for their DNA and access to their psyche, forming a dark alliance with AI.

Psychiatry is a monster as it dictates the consumption of “mood enhancers” , all of which explains why BigPharna is raking up billions of dollars every year in profit. Psychiatry wants a medicated population.

‘Drug companies take marketing advantage of the loose DSM definitions by promoting the misleading idea that everyday life problems are actually undiagnosed psychiatric illness caused by a chemical imbalance and requiring a solution in pill form.’

Psychology/psychiatry are the first to acknowledge that we have an obesity epidemic in the West, yet will not say a thing about GMOs — nor the consequences of fast food commercials — changing genes expression, as genes react to the environment first which is transmitted by the RNA, working like a switch. When the environment changes, the bad gene expression is blocked and can be overwritten, improved as explained in Science Admitted Signals Control Us. There is no “bad genes” most of the time but the “same bad habits” and indoctrination.

Psychologists trying to raise awareness will not stop anything, because way too many in the field fear a loss of respectability. Meaning a possible loss of income. It is “We The People” who will have to take the matter in our own hands to undo the extremely harming legacy of profit seeking.

PS: There is nothing wrong if using the internet to expand one’s awareness of what is really going on.

Psychologists Call Out Tech Industry and the Psychologists They Hire to Design Programs to Hook Kids on Tech
According to an August article from Vox, most people have no idea these companies hire psychologists to assist them in designing these programs. Classy, huh. Many former tech designers, inventors, and investors have expressed remorse for their past roles in creating addictive technology. Some are trying very hard to raise awareness so that this will be stopped.’ MORE:

Is the Tech Industry to Digital Addiction What the Pharmaceutical Industry Has Been to Opioid Addiction?

Science Admitted Signals Control Us


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