Meet The “Cleaners”

Anybody with a good sense of observation can immediately see that something is very wrong with the world. Even though the elites hear some lawmakers getting really worried and fearing that anger over inequality is approaching a ‘tipping point’*, wealth concentration is accelerating at record speed, and financial slavery shows no sign of slowing down. Capitalism cannot work without brainwashing people into consuming — and we can definitely trust that the upcoming Black Friday sale event is set to be memorable again!

By 2030, members of the wealthiest one percent of the global population are projected to hold 64 percent — a full two-thirds — of the world’s wealth. …. The Global 1% Is Destroying Democracy

Most of lawmakers just want to keep their monthly bank deposits — and perks — coming in, and merely pretend that they care. World citizens have been raped from right and left beyond anything imaginable — and reversing the tide is now completely impossible without going through a social break down. Personal responsibility is the only way to get out of the unprecedented and looming crisis. We ought to stand prepared, emotionally.

Their grip is ever strengthening. There is no end in sight. This outcome has been foreseeable all along though. The reality is that the meritocrats do not have any other option. Should they stop what they are doing, give us even a little bit slack, the global economy would crumble down like a series of dominoes. But while they are forced to resort to more shenanigans to cover up the previous ones, they all also expose themselves for who they really are.

Corporatism is fascism. Capitalism is socialism for the rich. Socialism is an illusion for the masses. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep discussing about dinner. The majority can strip the minority as they see fit.

As long as money exists, collusion will continue to exist. So what is left is really a money-free (resource based) economy. Every framework shaping society today must be abandoned because they were designed by the same meritocratic class, to benefit them. To make money circulate between influential pals even faster, and keep people dreaming of freedom with a carrot and a stick.

Their latest trick is a very secretive and hidden industry which of course they have created with their billions of dollars ensuring them mass control. Money has always been such a tool, and it is about time to confront reality. World governments are very satisfied with corporations restricting people’s ability to think for themselves. It is also diverting the attention but lawmakers are accomplices.

‘When we tried to promote the film in Germany and France via social media, we got the message after a short time that the trailer violated the community guidelines and was deleted. Sad but true! Intransparency is one of the main characteristics of the companies. That was very annoying and upsetting. (

How will a money-free society handle free speech?

Well it is a important question. Since banning thoughts does not work, first any idea promoting any form coercion and abuse will be heavily criticized and debunked by scholars or any individual willing to contribute.

But since education system itself needs to restart from scratch, philosophy will be taught in elementary schools already. Changing a mindset will take up to a generation, and be proven challenging every now and then, but considering the stakes, that is the only choice we have left. A money-free society will also be initiated by small towns first and expand from there.

16 November 2018 These are the ‘cleaners,’ the low-wage workers tasked with policing the images and content that everyone can view on social media. They work under the radar, wading through 25,000 images a day, taking mere seconds to decide what is and isn’t appropriate for platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Only three errors are permitted per month, and the content they view can include anything from beheadings and assaults to political cartoons. They are generally trained for just three to five days and bring to the job their own experiences and belief systems –subsequently influencing the lives and opinions of billions worldwide.

The film offers a dark and alarming look into the underbelly of the Internet – and it wasn’t easy to make, directors Hans Block and Moritz Riesewieck tell’ Director Block tells ‘A lot of individuals as well as whole groups of our societies are secretly silenced with huge effects on our democracy’

“Not only can you not understand the world economy without placing corruption and kleptocracy right at the heart of it, you can’t understand contemporary authoritarians without placing corruption right at the heart of it, and you can’t understand contemporary foreign and domestic threats to the United States and the West without addressing corruption.” — Naomi Fowler

Psychologists Awaken To The Horror They Helped Create




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