Autonomous Weapons Systems Is Inevitable

Funding wars is as old as mankind, and generally populations pay the heavy price tag. The mentality has never changed because no society has ever pondered the influence of money itself. Of course our top meritocrats know that monetarism fuels even more conflicts as aggressivity – darwinism – is the premise they want us to live/die for and by.

Monetarism would eradicate itself if a majority could comprehend as why money and violence are inherent bedfellows. It just is impossible to continually advocate for peace in an environment breeding class, race cultural and economic wars to start with. All wars are fought for money. Money is often perceived as a freedom tool but the reality is that currencies have been created for wars — and nothing else — as wars destroy the freedoms acquired in time of peace.

The planet as a whole suffers from a PTSD (war trauma), which the meritocrats have exploited and monetized for millennia… to death… to keep people walking in a line until the next military slaughter. War is blood money, regardless of the chosen angle to look at it. And that the consensus agreeing that wars are inevitable, and therefore we must look the other way and think positive, is “pure conditioning”.

Remember 20 years or so ago the mediatic outcry referring to “gene editing” as a nazi lab experiment? Well today, the same media speak of it highly. And eventually, they will rally too in favor of autonomous weapons. Killing millions of people isn’t that easy as it requires of lots organization. And psychopaths as well.

We have been trained to keep the focus on our existential bubble and that life isn’t as priceless. That is where materialism fits right in to fill the void. Everyday we can gather more clues about our precarious position and consumerist society that want us to shop to keep the capitalist machine at full speed.

All social models are capitalism oriented, they only differ on the means to achieve it. By “force” or “manufactured consent”. That is what the Right and the Left are all about. And the manufactured consent sets into motion the strategy by force. The two need one another to coexist.

The understanding of dualism, that two polar opposites actually mean same, is absolutely key to end the rule of meritocracy. Changing the world starts with changing our perceptions. Once a majority gets it, the premise of a money-free society will enable us to reduce violence by at least 75%…. can you imagine such a peaceful world?

Britain funds research into drones that decide who they kill, says report… Sat 10 Nov 2018

Investigation reveals that technology for autonomous lethal weapons with artificial intelligence is being funded by MoD…. “Despite public statements that the UK has no intention of developing lethal autonomous weapon systems, there is tangible evidence that the MoD, military contractors and universities in the UK are actively engaged in research and the development of the underpinning technology with the aim of using it in military applications,” said Peter Burt, author of the new report Off the Leash: The Development of Autonomous Military Drones in the UK – produced by Drone Wars UK which campaigns against the development of unmanned systems…. The government appears to concede that the development of autonomous weapons systems is inevitable. Gavin Williamson, secretary of state for defence, has spoken of “taking our intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability to the next level” using artificial intelligence…. FULL:


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