Save Us From The Dangers Of Awareness?

Earth Custodians stumbled upon 2 columns worth your attention, and whose segments will leave you already wondering deeply. Both translate the emergency to embrace Voluntaryism. Make no mistake, the next trend is which of Voluntaryism as more and more people begin to question all these “money and power driven rituals” — and call upon their termination.

In “What’s the Point of Capitalism?”, the author states the obvious: if the aim is to escape labor and enslavement by mindless consumption, buying one’s freedom is a drive that will eventually cause capitalism to self-destruct because capitalism cannot exist without collusion and the cartelization of society.

The urge to seek Freedom from exploitation is working against the monetization of Life. But the meritocrats are way ahead of the game and “invented” basic income as the next step of social evolution. What will happen instead is the perpetuation of the “old framework”, the one that many dream of escaping. As much as they would want us to believe that merging with AI will end control. Sorry, It won’t.

EC kinda disagree with the statement that we overcame tribalism and feudalism, society has merely succeeded to put new clothes on the same old concept and called it capitalism instead. But the whole article still is an excellent read, even though the columnist does not consider a money-free society yet. His writings nonetheless suggest that he is getting very close. What truly matters at this stage is to help people to break through their own circular thinking, and in this regard his blog surely is a job well done.

If the Point of Capitalism is to Escape Capitalism, Then What’s the Point of Capitalism? What Would Happen if We Gave Each Other the Things Capitalism Tells Us to Keep From Each Other?

The worker is trying to become a manager. The manager is trying to become a capitalist. I’ve put that in modern terms…………… The worker, a shop owner, the shop owner, the owner of a chain. Even, maybe, in the small way of “owning” a home — which is to say, paying back its debt all his life — or buying a stock or a bond, and so on: the point is to amass capital. So capitalism is something like a pyramid, which we’re all climbing, worker to manager, prole to bourgeois, and at the apex is the capitalist. But what is the capitalist trying to become? The capitalist, ironically enough, is trying to earn his freedom from capitalism — just like everyone else………… … Do you see my point? How funny and strange it is? Even the capitalist is really just trying win back his freedom from capitalism. Buy it back, properly speaking. But so is the prole. So is the bourgeois. So is the wage-slave. Whatever terms we choose, depending on our politics, the point remains the same. So, my friends, are we all — the point of capitalism is to escape capitalism.

The 2nd article below successfully attempts to dissect the fear of freedom, which prompts the need to be led by a few holding the strings. Everybody wants freedom but not that many want to accept the responsibility coming along with it. While social engineering as a lot to do with this state of affair, this rabbit hole leads straight to the problem inherent to religious control, itself making sure that humans submit to any chain of events they think they cannot control — and thus would have to place their destinies in the hands of God. Such a perception has greatly benefited atheism so far.

But if the self is religiously indoctrinated to resign from its own self-responsibilities around 6 years of age, this mindset later causes many PTSDs as projections of a poor self-esteem will rather validate the lack of control, hence anchor a victimhood syndrome, and which explains why people keep tolerating countless forms of oppression.

So it is not just only monetarism (the need to economically survive) that forces people into submission. It is a combination of both. And the answer to free mankind definitely relies first on a major spiritual overhaul, so that a money-free society can be chosen as intrinsically blatant, self-evident. These mechanisms are quite complex and spreading awareness motivated by the heart (love for humanity) is the only weapon we have.

The move out of capitalism must be dictated by the deep understanding that any system that commoditizes human body parts, child sex and human trafficking, abortion, pollution, sacrificing animals on a grand scale, the commerce of war and soon autonomous weapons is in fact cannibalizing itself. Death becoming more profitable than Life.

Did slavery ever lose its grip on the great mass of humanity?

Have the majority always preferred the safety of mindlessness to the dangers of consciousness? …. This deviation has gone so far, that nothing less than the ability to retain the power of independent thought is now at stake….. But this type of capitulation plays directly into the hands of those who are best at manipulating peoples’ fears; bringing about an ever greater centralisation of power in the hands of the despotic few. A deft slight of hand, that while giving the impression of providing security and leadership, is actually a calculated step towards the totalitarian take-over…. It is the fear of freedom that makes this abdication of human responsibility to the machine such a temptation to large swathes of mankind. Much of humanity still remains conditioned to a parasitical need to be led…. We stand right at the edge of such an abyss. But paradoxically, it comes at a time of rapid awakening. Mankind will either fall or be party to the creation of a beautiful new dawn. A quantum expansion in the evolution of the species. Every one of us is faced by the choice of seeking to make manifest our God given attributes or going into denial of their existence.

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