The Narcissism Epidemic And Sexualization Of Kids

Yet another dark reality tearing apart the fabric of society. Its root cause is easily explainable as we just have to follow the social engineering and money trails. It also is the legacy of individualism that has turned “healthy self-esteem” into “self-adoration”, a “narcissism epidemic”.

Individualism without any empathy and compassion is too narcissism. When not questioning the state of the planet but only seeing one’s immediate security and shrugging at the massive corporate corruption, because one’s bubble of perceptions is all what matters.

Narcissists look down at less fortunate people, suffering in the world as a whole. Ultimately blaming the victims (of a system designed to fail) for their poor living conditions. The “Greed is good” mantra is exclusively narcissistic. It is the drive behind a narcissist speculation that led the planet on the edge of bankruptcy.

This sickening self-absorption is also behind the attack on free speech. Narcissists hide in their “safe spaces” and see any comment as a threat to their fragile self-images. The narcissistic indoctrination has gone so far that now kids are being taught that it is okay to choose the opposite sex if it makes them feel better about themselves.

More than any other people, Silicon Valley parents are very aware of these addictive social networks, which on the top of that also promote the sexualization of children and underage, which is highly detrimental to psyches. Kids are not distracted but self-infatuated to the point of losing connection with the real world.

This generational narcissism is more than a 2 decade long growing trend and also encouraging the sexualization of kids. More mature narcissists repeating what was done to them, and thus keeping the sick trend alive and kicking, all of which benefits the attempts to legalize pedophilia.

Ultimately this highlights the failure of psychology and psychiatry, they do not prevent anything but to the contrary greatly reinforce the dangers we are faced with. Of course, bigphama is elated as more and more clients line up to get mind altering prescription drugs daily.

CONCLUSION: Everything works in full circle and is being sent back to us as a swinging pendulum. We can stop the pendulum and reverse the swinging to begin healing society.

Research says young people today are more narcissistic than ever (2014)
People who score high in narcissism tend to have trouble in their relationships, basically because they are focused on themselves rather than on anyone else,’ says Professor Twenge……………. there are likely a number of drivers for the rise of narcissism, including easy bank loans, celebrity culture and the internet. She also singles out the emphasis on children’s self-esteem in parenting and education……………….. Professor Twenge is the mother of three girls and believes parents often get blamed for things that really are part of a larger cultural trend, and it can be very difficult to go against that cultural tide……………………………‘So for emphasising those qualities—self-efficacy, self-control, perspective-taking—not only are those things the right thing to do but they are actually more likely to lead to success than self-esteem or narcissism.’ FULL ARTICLE

Silicon Valley parents increasingly limit their kids’ screen time

Silicon Valley Parents Spy On Nannies to Make Sure They Aren’t Using Screens Around Their Kids and Make Them Sign ‘No Screens’ Contracts………. Silicon Valley parents are increasingly obsessed with keeping their children away from screens. Even a little screen time can be so deeply addictive, some parents believe, that it’s best if a child neither touches nor sees any of these glittering rectangles. These particular parents, after all, deeply understand their allure.

Smartphones and tablets are causing mental health problems in children as young as TWO by crushing their curiosity and making them anxious

Three-quarters of British parents want ‘hugely distracting’ smartphones BANNED from classrooms

Smartphone orphans: It’s not children who need less screen time – it’s their mums and dads, says an expert who’s studied the neglect mobiles cause’

Narcissism Is Alive and Well in America (2011)



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