How Do You Get People To Consider That Their Paradigm Is Completely Fraud?

Did you know that there is a massive fraud on the sugar price, which costs America (aka taxpayers) 1.9 billion per year? Wait a minute? Did you know that the average Joe and Jane consume 60lbs of sugar a year? And one wonders why diabetes is rampant! That sugar made in America costs about 43 cents compared to which from abroad, 23 cents, meaning a price difference of 20 cents.

So the cost to the USA is $1.9 billion… this has been going on for a long while already of course . On the consumer side, it is called “dispersed costs” and on the corporate side “concentrated benefits”. Please see the presentation below for more info.

This is how the system works in a nutshell. That is how corporations are hijacking Congress. But are politicians truly innocent? Of course not!

Since such schemes are SYSTEMIC in the world stock exchanges… how much is the value of just anything? We are living in a giant fraud that will need to be address because it is engulfing the whole planet.

Very often those who call themselves “capitalists” happen to shrug off — and wait for the “market forces” do to their job and — then will laud the creative destruction/correction as a sign that capitalism is indeed working just fine, though until the crisis breaks out they will have benefited from these (naked short selling) schemes (in)directly.

This is exactly why capitalism is not rescuable. Because of the 15-20% supporting fraud at their own level (wall street shareholders mainly) and since that % represents the upper-class, the power they have prevents the course of Justice.

The question is: how many will be completely impoverished when the house of cards will unravel?

Patrick M. Byrne is an American entrepreneur, e-commerce pioneer and CEO of In 1999, Byrne launched Overstock, after leading two smaller companies, including one owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. WIKI

Byrne: How do you get people to consider that their paradigm is completely fraud?

How Wall Street Criminals hijack The Institutions That Are Supposed To protect Us From THEM?
See the whole presentation at
The Setting
1.The Players (hedge funds)
2.The Pawns (journalists)
3.The Regulators (SEC)
The Crime
4.The Crime: Naked Short Selling
5.The Corporate Democracy Hoax
6.Ruined Firms & Looted Pensions
7.Systemic Risk

The Cover-up
8.The Deep Capture Campaign
9.The Hijacking of Social Media

What Is More?

Mr Byrne is also a crypto enthusiast and was among those urging for a rally in 2014. Byrne was quoted saying:

“That’s really revolutionary,” he says. “None of these games can go on. You’d have to rig the laws of mathematics to rig the cryptosecurity market. And even J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, they own themselves their own personal senators and congressmen and regulators and politicians, but even they can’t rig the laws of mathematics.”

As Earth Custodians have often pointed out, the law of mathematics (supply and demand) can be tricked at will, especially at the world stock exchange level. Just like today as corporations are engaged in more buybacks than ever before, investing 54% of the earnings to make their stocks look attractive. See the “From The Auto Bubble To… Carmageddon” blog for more details.

There is absolutely no way to protect oneself from such shenanigans. If SEC cannot do a thing, who can? SEC eventually caved in.

It remains to be seen as to monetarism still has a future of not, either way… society has to be rebuilt from scratch. And it is going to be very painful. Pro-monetarism folks generally think that the system can be patched, they do not want a full implosion because it is obvious that a vast majority of population would choose a money-free society instead, choose to cooperate for a great good instead of taking the risk of seeing another generation of mega-predators rise up again.



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