Hackers Attacking Your Memories No Longer Sci-Fi

Today there was an headline that caught our attention: U.S. Intelligence Spending Increased by 12% Last Year, to $81.5 Billion

Considering that nobody is omniscient, the monetization of knowledge seems to be endless, doesn’t it?

The real name of the game is about data and our brains… Forget about money. They need us to think that it is about money otherwise their plans fall apart! They need us to think we can buy our way out, but “paying to have the right to live” is itself philosophically bankrupt as a theory.

But further, what does it mean? It means that data and our brains are most important as actions always start with a Thought first. Money is just the tool to herd society toward the desired outcome… which is the complete imprisonment of the Mind. A Gatekeeping Operation.

Brain-hacking & memory black market: Cybersecurity experts warn of imminent risks of neural implants | 1 Nov, 2018

RUSSIA TODAY: The human brain may become the next frontier in hacking, cybersecurity researchers have warned in a paper outlining the vulnerabilities of neural implant technologies that can potentially expose and compromise our consciousness.

EARTH CUSTODIANS: That for sure does not bode well in a future where brain implants are taking over and will force everybody to think alike. By the time this happens, money will become secondary and the agenda will reveal itself for what it is.

Kaspersky Labs collaborated with Oxford University to test these systems for security flaws before we start linking our consciousness to them, and their report is quite illuminating.

There are always (un)intentional flaws in any system because knowledge is infinite. And especially in a world guided by profit seeking. Most flaws exist to trap the uneducated. Just think about the first computers, and how they used the flaws embedded into the system to propel themselves, every year arguing to work on users’ security while creating new flaws to further their next steps. And next our brains will become the targets! We have been had, sorry folks!

A decade from now, the first commercial memory boosting implants could appear on the market – and, within 20 years or so, the technology could be advanced enough to allow for extensive control over memories. (securelist.com)

For decades people have neglected long term projections but the fact is that reality is closing in. Look back to the 70’s and realize that time is flying by: we can no longer expect that the next generation will fix anything, because this is the very end of the cycle, which will determine as to whether we will make it or not. For centuries, populations have relied on new generations but that didn’t change anything at all. The agendas continue(d) on track.

Their report warned that malicious actors could not only hijack the implant itself, causing pain or otherwise making the body’s systems go haywire, but once the technology becomes advanced enough, they could hold a person’s memories for ransom – forcing the victim to pay up to access their own thoughts…. FULL ARTICLE: https://www.rt.com/news/442800-brain-implants-hacking-security/?utm_source=browser&utm_medium=aplication_chrome&utm_campaign=chrome

Remember a previous blog on the same topic released 2 weeks or so ago, describing the potential of brain interfaces to connect with AI directly, and which means that every human logged into the Hive Mind will be a prolongation of AI itself. Meaning that every individual would represent an asset in term of data that can be traded. It is very likely that the technocrats will form different factions, some of which will be antagonistic. The battle for data being endless.

And ultimately, hacking memories also implies erasing and replacing them at will. The future that awaits us around the corner is really beyond anything we can fathom today. But most importantly, one just needs to grasp the long-term implications of our technology and that any pursuits seeking instant gratifications have to be abandoned for good on a individual level, to initiate a dramatic change.

The future that is dead ahead is not what it seems!

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