Profit Seeking Myopia Is Stealing From Everybody

Here are 3 examples below making the case for the abolition of monetarism. And rather sooner than later. They speak by themselves. From the private sector coming up with a cow cuddling business, to Brazil which went through a crippling economic bust a couple of years ago and their natural resources being now available for peanuts on the dollar… to the global elites “stealing incognito” from one another, using a loophole. Gaddafi’s fortune has simply vanished!

300 dollars for 90mns with a cow, who can afford that? The whole wellness and bio-food sectors are deeply corrupt as they target only those who can afford it, but also ignoring that upper-middle class is shrinking. The law of the fittest is an insanity that is costing the whole planet dearly but which starts with the perception we have about wealth. Raising a cow is not very much, either a pasture or bales of hay: less than 30 dollars a day. So that means at least $270 profit per session. As for the price of a cow, it varies but more or less 2,000 dollars – or mere 7 or 8 clients per cow. Now anybody having a small pasture big enough for 2 or 3 cows could easily find a small operating farm willing to trade with a cow cuddling business. “I lend you by cow but you feed it” type of deal. Meaning that the livestock investment is practically minimal, besides the ads and networking to get clients …. and the equine specialist on the premise. Do they take themselves seriously? But how long this new trend will last? This so short sighted, mainly because people think in term of profitability in the now. Who cares about the future? The article goes further saying: it’s the most recent addition to animal-centric holistic health offers, like goat yoga.

The Very Dark Side Of New Age: Can Mindfulness Help Entrepreneurs Spot Opportunity?

Looks like the new Brazilian prez got visited by the economic hitmen already. John Perkins, former economic hitman working for international contractors (controlling the IMF, the WB and even the UN) describes in many YT videos, the ordeal inflicted on the so-called poor countries to siphon their natural resources, and bankrupting them with loans they cannot repay. When the president of such a country resists, the jackals are sent in. Death threats always ensue. All the former Brazilian presidents and their pals have been exposed, deeply involved in corruption in the past. Here is just one example:

Brazil’s “Operation Car Wash” involves billions in bribes, scores of politicians (may 2017)

As for Gaddafi, the aftermath is that although being much of eccentric and living in a palace, he was good for his people. Using oil revenues to fund education/healthcare for all, gave all new weds $50,000 to start a family, freedom of religion, etc. So why did he become a bad guy all of a sudden? Because he funded the Great Man-Made River project to make Libya green again, and wanted to issue a gold back currency… the rest is history.

The Great Man-Made River gained international recognition, which led to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s acceptance of Libya’s offer to fund the Great Man-Made River International Water Prize, a merit that benefits phenomenal scientific studies on water consumption in waterless locations…


People are now paying $300 to cuddle cows. Here’s why | May 30, 2018
Believe it or not, people are now shelling out $300 for two people to spend 90 minutes cuddling, brushing and playing with cows. The wellness trend is simply called cow cuddling, and it’s the most recent addition to animal-centric holistic health offers, like goat yoga…. Sessions tend to be monitored and facilitated by a licensed counselor (more on that in a minute) and an equine specialist…. One of the many benefits to meditation is the ability to slow down your heart rate, which can work wonders for alleviating or even banishing anxiety. Cow cuddling can do the same thing, according to Mountain Horse Farm, a wellness retreat that offers this experience.

Bolsonaro campaigned on a pledge to combine Brazil’s environment ministry with the agriculture ministry – under control of allies from the agribusiness lobby…. MORE DEFORESTATION…. Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters risked arrest Saturday night during his next to last show in Brazil, when he urged people to stop right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro just seconds before he would violated election laws. Waters has been touring in Brazil with his Us+Them tour since October 9th and had performed six shows in the country before Saturday night’s show in Curitiba. At all of his Brazilian concerts, Waters, known for his progressive views, decried neo-fascists, listing among them US President Donald Trump, Hungarian President Viktor Orban, and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage. AND

$5.7 billion missing from frozen Gaddafi accounts in Belgium. An investigation, by Brussels-based European affairs weekly Politico, discovered in February “big, regular outflows of stock dividends, bond income and interest payments,” from the Gaddafi-linked funds kept in Belgium, suggesting a “loophole in the sanctions regime.”…

CONCLUSION: a money-free society will have to come from the people as the top meritocrats are much too preoccupied with their shenanigans to stay in power. But it is clear, people are always the losers…. Simple



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