How “Ego-Neurotic Gratifications” Contribute To The Demise Of Humanity

This “Rogan debate” is very compelling because when one is deeply concerned by those issues, it is foreseeable that AI is going to lead humanity to a similar path to which of our nukes. Competition will do it. Unless people stop participating in this neurotic system, there is nothing that can prevent any gov to surpass the artificial intelligence of other countries. There is going to be a race …a race to where… and then what?

The future will be a place of perpetual wars for perpetual power but taken up to the next level and amid the battle, we stand no chance to muddle through. If humanity has been dealing with the same flaws regardless of the technology, there is no reason to expect any good from “species AI”, which at some point will build other AIs by itself.

Earth custodians have raised the problem to work for a paycheck and “instant ego-neurotic gratifications”, which in fact keeps us distracted from the bigger picture. At least Joe Rogan acknowledges it too. He is right, we are fueling our demise by cupid and irrational materialism.

Adhering to the idea that nukes are deterrent is a complete fallacy, 1st because their numbers ever increase, and 2nd they will have not serve any purpose (unless several nations push the button at once) because AI will do better and possibly with less ecological destruction.

Earth Custodians is engaged in a restless crusade to raise the awareness about self-improving machines, mainly because 85% of population is absolutely CLUELESS about the stakes, and which will benefit the nefarious drive for power being fueled by a meritocratic and darwinian education and mindless hyper-consumerism. Materialism has been an (induced) experience so far, but it is now time to let it go.

ROGAN: … they want to buy new houses, they have money invested in that venture, they want to keep the party rolling, they do not want to pull the breaks, they are not going to say “we’ve got to stop” … and say in 30 years from now, we will have a successor that will decide if human beings are outdated and inefficient, that we gotta start wiping them out…

ROGAN: we have 7 years before AI decides to eliminate us, what are the Boston Dynamics people do? What are you talking about, we are building a house in Cambridge, I am not going anywhere… I just bought a new Tesla and have a financing, i’ve got credit cards bills… HOW DO YOU STOP PEOPLE TO DO WHAT THEY ARE DOING FOR A LIVING?

GUEST: everyone of us trying to build these systems are similar and sound to the way you were talking of the touch of death. My dream is to create intelligent systems that will improve our lives… and not for a paycheck … we love this stuff

ROGAN: some of you… (then he speaks of the Manhattan Project)

GUEST: we have like 20,00 nukes around the planet.

ROGAN: that is a very short time frame and we are talking of a direct effect

GUEST: I don’t think it is possible not to create a nuclear bomb… you cannot stop the progress of technology. So the goal is to guide that development in a positive direction.

ROGAN: … it is not always a good thing to pursue technology. We are on the path of creating our successors and that might be an artificial creature…

GUEST: yeah, AI begins with our dream to force the gods… I think it is impossible to stop.

ROGAN: (going on about the Unabomber profile)… he was experimented on with massive doses of LSD and started going after people involved in technology…. he thought that they were doing this regardless of the consequences for the human race.

GUEST: do not think it is possible to stop it

ROGAN: when you say that, you mean collectively? As an organism, it is a tendency? it is certainly possible to stop as an individual.

GUEST: … like the nuclear bomb, the bomb is responsible for decreasing violence in the world. (but how much is it going to cost?)

ROGAN: my theory is that pursuit of materialism fuels innovation… my cynical view is that we have that bizarre motivation to fuel our demise. (paraphrasing)

full debate: Joe Rogan Goes Balls Deep On A.I. (sorry no embedded link) 

The cost for America alone is a little bit over $13 billions. On a global scale its 36 billions… not too shabby for the costs of peace depending on a nuclear deterrent. Globally there were approximately 17,300 nuclear warheads reported in 2013… In the Rogan interview they are talking of 20,000 today worldwide, and it is plausible because countries do not report the exact number of nuclear warheads, to mislead other nations. Officially China would have only 200 of them but the is reporting 3,000. Who to believe?

EC always generally go along with “shadow stats”. Meaning the price of peace increases yearly. But the powers that be would rather have us to believe that they are merely stockpiling them for fun. Military contractors can really make up prices because it is on the taxpayers’ tab anyway. God knows how many autonomous weapons are being developed? Meanwhile people shop until they drop. It cannot end well, sorry.

How Much Does a Nuclear Weapon Actually Cost? (2015) In 2015, the United States has an estimated 7,300 nuclear weapons, but the average annual per-unit cost is about $1.8 million—a 500 percent increase in per-warhead cost. A major factor driving increased costs for the US nuclear arsenal is an oversized nuclear weapons production infrastructure made up of a large number of contaminated excess facilities.

China ‘has up to 3,000 nuclear weapons hidden in tunnels’, three-year study of secret documents reveals (2011)


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