Controlled Reality: AI ‘Deep Fake’ Software And PHADE Surveillance

Manufacturing fake news is the evidence that reality can be manipulated at will, and this has always been the case. There was no need to wait for AI to show us that but AI is just going to make it way easier now. So what is the future of money in a such environment? Fake economic news are already rampant anyway and the latter are leading us to an impending catastrophe.

The truth is that monetarism has no future — and never made any sense.

The Nature Of Reality And New 3D ‘Human Replicas’ For More Fake News?

Although all this advanced technology is being funded (with money) it is getting increasingly clear that in such a future, money will no longer be important as we’ll all be living in a gigantic cyber jail. Human sweat and psyches will officially become the currencies the most sought. They have always been in fact, but the meritocrats convinced us for centuries that chasing money would lead to freedom. What freedom??

With social credit and UBI on the horizon (not even talking of a strong AI here), the Apple story at the bottom page is a glimpse of what may well happen when the automation will begin to wipe off jobs by the 100’s of 1000s. To get any access to UBI, people could be also forced into servitude. It is not far fetched, really. That is the only road possible when profit seeking and efficiency rule over society.

The carrot and the stick will be soon reveal themselves as a massive illusion as the full fledged global crash has been long overdue. And realistically, that is where automation fits in as it prompts more businesses to invest in robots as additionally humans will become way too expensive to hire in the post-crash economy.

So to remain relevant and competitive, they are preparing steadily. Elon Musk said: I do not think we have a choice, at some point we’ll need to have some basic income. The meritocrats know that jobs will not come back.

We need to raise awareness about real goal and meaning of competition around us, and also comprehend why self-improved machines mean the end of humanity as we know it. Humans have all the qualities they need to transform the planet into a peaceful and abundant place as long as they do not give their consent away to shift their responsibilities.

The history of civilizations all narrate the same tale and what happens when we fall for power and profit seeking… right, there cannot be any way back… automation/UBI or a money free society? What would you choose?

Inside the Plot to Unleash a Super Crash on the Global Economy

People who think that a global crash like unseen before will not happen, have a mindset relying too much on central banks’ ability to run the printing press. Confidence is meaningless because the system is designed to fail.

This Is How Desperate The System Really Is


AI ‘deep fake’ software that can be used to make bogus news videos that ‘threaten democracy’ is being funded by a UK government research body
People are concerned the technology could be used to create fake news clips
It could falsely put words into the mouths of politicians or other powerful figures
British firm received £70,000 from a government-funded organisation
The AI technology – which has been described as a ‘propaganda weapon – can mimic facial expressions and make it look like someone is saying something they’re not

PHADE’s effect on everyone’s privacy cannot be understated.
Forget Facebook and Twitter’s massive surveillance program, PHADE will make those programs look trivial due to its sheer size. With the number of cellphone users expected to reach 4.68 billion by next year, PHADE will allow governments to pry into people’s lives like never before.’

‘We are like robots’: Apple investigates Chinese factory using forced student labour
They worked under the guise of “internships”, SACOM said, a practice rights groups say is widespread in China as manufacturers pair up with vocational schools to supply workers and fill labour shortages when they ramp up production for new models or the Christmas rush. … “Our graduation certificate will be withheld by the school if we refuse to come,” said one student majoring in e-commerce, according to SACOM.

Al Jazeera documentary series on automation explores how advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and automated vehicles will affect jobs, cities and inequality. From trucking to radiology, new technology is already changing white collar and blue collar occupations, reshaping cities and concentrating wealth in the hands of the few (jan 2018)

Elite Will Pay Us Off, Then Overwrite Us: “Money Is Never Free”




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