Level Type One Civilization vs General Artificial Intelligence

Here are some very important matters that people need to seriously weigh because we are about to cross the line. In 8 years or so, there will not be any way back.

Intelligence is not wisdom. And only wisdom can help humanity overcome darwinism and rampant economic serfdom that has been with us for about 4,000 years.

Intelligence is cold and calculated, and can also be lethally logical. Wisdom is the foundation of peace and our connection with Life as the whole.

Intelligence perceives itself as a omniscient and omnipotent, a god. Wisdom surrenders to the existence of a Higher Consciousness. Intelligence and wisdom are polar opposites. And this is particularly dangerous because education has intentionally failed to teach the Law of Polarity, so most people cannot even see the danger ahead.

As long as we allow corporate fascism, speculation on war stocks, monetary manipulation (by inflation and deflation) and slave wages, we act against the meaning and implications of The Right To Life…. https://www.earthcustodians.net/blog/2018/10/23/human-2-0-is-coming-faster-farewell-to-the-right-to-life/

Humanity, as we know it, is at “Level Type One” in its evolution, because darwinism is still prevailing in so many fashions, by that it is meant wars and economic servitude have not been eradicated, far to the contrary. AI ‘s autonomous weapons are going to change warfare as we know, and which can be used nationally as well as internationally. Wisdom is also what prevents sentient beings from creating weapons but also enhances bonds and empathy.

Mass surveillance also points to the high probability that AI will not be so friendly. Facial recognition is spreading like wildfire. And at this pace we will not be able to have any privacy. Yet crowds are mesmerized by the rising “technocratic order” while failing to evaluate long-term consequences.

Elon Musk precisely said that we will NOT control AI… so who then?

Many would rather to not know because they were already sold to the “technological immortality” deception, and are readying themselves to embrace AI as their savior. Self micro-chipping is an alarming rising trend, and also extremely worrying because once the chip is placed, and this takes a few seconds, its extraction on the other hand, is more delicate as it requires a small surgery to prevent tissue damage.

The shocking truth is that a “level type 1” could not have created “general artificial intelligence” . That is the official narrative but AI is not from our dimension.

Reality is beyond fiction and this 2016 BBC article gives us a good hint already : What if the aliens we are looking for are AI? “In other words, most of the intelligence in the cosmos, I would venture, is synthetic intelligence.. whether the AI goes on to become conscious and define its own goals and decide it doesn’t need the biological creatures that developed it (scroll down)…https://www.earthcustodians.net/blog/2017/11/10/the-ai-paradox-black-goo/

We may assume that any advanced enough civilisations whose structures espouse wisdom as opposed to a predatory top down model, would not choose to implement General AI, for the very reasons cited by Elon Musk: that we will not control “it”. And a deliberate loss of self-control, induced or not, is not wisdom.

The conclusion is that AI can only be forced upon uneducated crowds that have not yet questioned their own master-slave frameworks. And this tells a lot about the AI agenda itself propelled by a few Silicon Valley’s digital overlords slowly and silently invading our Reality with their self-improving algorithms .

Is there an agenda to fuse AI to the collective subconsciousness of the human species? Well, when you hear Musk and others pushing for the only solution, which are brain interface implants, it gives us a serious hint about what may be happening. Why on earth would humans be forced to plugged themselves into a binary algorithm, which is AI? https://www.earthcustodians.net/blog/2018/09/04/and-what-if-the-archons-are-behind-the-transhuman-agenda/

PS: the 2 first videos are pretty mainstream but very enlightening as how the so-called “friendly technocracy” is being introduced to the masses to accept what is coming.

Artificial Intelligence: Mankind’s Last Invention

The Current State and Future of Artificial Intelligence | A Documentary by Ashlee Vance. In this documentary the story of AI’s rise is told in detail for the first time (june 2018)


I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot Overlords, Corbett Report, Oct 2018

The Swedish Are Micro-chipping Themselves By Thhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbzlgzTz81Ie Thousands


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