And So… It All STARTED?


Understanding where humanity is headed is really painful when one is awakened. And watching the other people’s perceptions headed for “mass collision course” without them being aware of it, feels extremely surreal. It reminds us that we have to remain humble at all time. It is the ego that makes one project false assumptions about what the system is… and is not.

Just like other Silicon Valley businesses, Amazon does not get most of its earnings from the online sales but data mining: selling your data to other corporations and allowing them to target their ads. So the more people keep buying stuff, the more the trap gets intricate. That’s the Matrix. Living below one’s means is absolutely necessary. Not to save money, because it has no real value. It never had.

We ARE the commodities, and they are after our minds, because if the mind is free, advertisement (aka control) wouldn’t be such a “gold mine”. But Amazon took it up to the next level and now delivering data to government agencies on a “golden platter”. They are only interested in two things: the DNA and the mind, which they hope to farm 24/7, once the brain interface is ready for the market, and it will be relatively cheap.

We are getting close to sinking into absolute irrelevance. It no longer is sci-fi… it is here now developing, less than 10 years ahead.

Bob Sheer: … it is key to understand as Georges Orwell pointed out, and others have, if you do not have a private space, if you cannot be alone with your thoughts, your associations, your books, you cannot have freedom


That Huxley quote is very true one hand but on the other is completely biased as the victors always rewrite history. The true history of mankind is very different. As a result humans suffer from amnesia and cannot improve. But knowledge is controlled by “colluding special interests” and their wealth used to remain in power. This alone makes the case for a money-free society.

The ultimate distraction is the “money chase”, which is clearly more than ever “the carrot and the stick” in this environment. Paying to stay alive should be regarded as a crime against humanity, because we all now can see where it led society. It is right in our faces.

PS: EC do fully support robotics but not self-improving machines. Robots are necessary to help shape the money-free society, and take over all the dirty, dangerous, tedious and repetitive tasks.

ABB to build the world’s most advanced robotics factory in Shanghai
In another terrifying development for those who believe that android advancement will lead to the extinction of the human race, robots will soon be building other robots in a $150 million factory in China. Swiss engineering group ABB plans to have the Shanghai-based factory up and running by the end of 2020 and it will produce robots for the Asian market. ABB’s industrial machines are used in various industries to build everything from automobiles to electronic devices. (

Is Orwell’s Big Brother Here? Bezos & Amazon Team up With Defense, CIA & ICE. Bob Sheer outlines the problem

Vox Asks: Is it Time We Started Adding Lithium to Water Supply?
In an article entitled “How our drinking water could help prevent suicide,” Vox highlights psychiatry professor Nassir Ghaemi and his claims that the practice would be beneficial for the American populace. “High-lithium areas, he says, have suicide rates 50 to 60 percent lower than those of low-lithium areas,” Vox writes, citing a study co-authored by Ghaemi………

Neurosurgeon Uncovers Fluoride & Lithium Conspiracies Part 1 of 4

Aldous Huxley – The Ultimate Revolution (Berkeley Speech 1962)
(Huxley advocated for the medication of the masses with “mood enhancers” and pushed for technocracy already back then, jaw dropping lecture, really)



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