The Costly Fantasy Of Controlling Randomness

As established in the previous blog titled Astonishing Facts About Bioplastic Exposing The Ugly Truth, bioplastic not being commercialized on a worldwide scale highlights the problem with PRICING the market. The market will always choose what is cheaper, unless crowds begin to realize the smoke screen and refuse to be lured by the fake appeal of cheapness. Just imagine the economic consequences of such an awakening!

Yes, no doubt money could also be used positively if that ever happened, but why hold onto monetarism if nobody cannot make any profit anymore? Wealth precisely exists to extract its power from ignorance.

@freebornangel¬†recently said something to really chew on: The workers trade their work for wages, then use those wages to buy back the goods they created, minus the crapitalusts’ ‘profit’.

Conventional plastic is inexpensive because it is an oil byproduct, and was pushed onto the market by economic forces. By coercion, the oil cartel being a reality dictating most industries. If we ever had a real free market, our vehicles would be using supraconductivity or something even way more advanced that we cannot fathom today because we are so caught into our market myopia.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke

Many happen to detract research on free energy but the truth is that research in the field will be mocked and debunked because mainstream scientists do not want to work against the energy cartel to start with. But if going along with the Laws Of Nature which refute the monetarist argument on a cosmic scale, free energy will definitely depend on an infrastructure that does not require monetarism to move along and with the support of genuine scientists willing to contribute to the peace for mankind.

Peace is not for sale but initiated from the heart.

And it works the same way with just anything else: when profits only matter, long-term consequences are systematically neglected. Just think of the fast fashion industry, which is the 2nd world polluter… or even glyphosate used mainly to decrease farm labor and produce more. Keep in mind that our food waste is staggering. So now we even find glyphosate in our rivers, aquifers and tab water, etc, etc… Yeah the dilemma is extremely serious.

But now comes the multi-billion dollar question: how much is going to cost any serious plastic cleanups, getting rid of glyphosate in our soil, and preventing the clothing industry to use unrecyclable synthetic fabrics ending up on landfills… etc… etc???

Corporations will not pay for it, or they might “finance” some of the work to act as the “good guys”and rely on idealistic volunteers who will not think further and donate their time.

Money/pricing is misleading, no matter how we look at it, we see the same pervasive FLAWS in various fields. Money will thus NOT resolve a thing, make the world better.

Communism does not work without money… and the banking-corporations-state alliance is fascism…. both are same. Centralization is the 5 plank of the Communist Manifesto after all.

No decentralization is possible as long as money exists. Because almost everybody will always look out for a good deal so to speak, and that is where evil lurks: the market forces and pricing. Cheapness is a complete lie!

A money-free society is not communism because it is fully decentralized. Computers are used to match demand and supply 24/7 and to put online ads so people always know where contribution is needed in there area. Additionally when a system is not wasteful, does not overproduce, people would only have to contribute less than 20hrs week. A resource based economy asserts up to 4-8hrs a week. No AI either because a money-free society is composed of individuals grasping the danger of self-improving algorithms (causing a total loss of privacy and the rise of technocratic hive mind) and that machines must service mankind.

Equating passion about one’s job “without” being coerced into it to communism is what the controllers would like is to think. The fact is that 80% of people hate their jobs today and exploitation is rampant because people do whatever it takes to pay the bills, hence remain at the mercy of corporate market forces. There is nothing voluntary in this structure. Yet the system teaches us that it is self-determination.

In a money-free society, restarting anew and learning very different skills is easy and always promoted. So everybody can contribute at many levels and experience life at its fullest. Today people stay on rail tracks and generally choose a career based on the income. No free will here, sorry!!! Most of the time when the salary decreases, so does the lack of interest. It is really the carrot and the stick.

Randomness As A Cosmic Law

The Universe created Itself before human life appeared. But the Universe created sentient Life because It is sentient Itself. Everything comes down to mathematics, biology, physics, and thus sociology because our bodies (our cells) respond to frequencies, meaning that the Universe runs Its own programming and generates life in a way that we perceive “random”. But there is no such a thing as randomness. We just do not know about the mathematical code behind it.

But the one thing that is incredible about this Randomness is that when we follow our passions and refute coercion, this very randomness starts working for the betterment of humanity. It is the thirst for control that ends up turning this randomness into a weapon of mass destruction. Therefore we cannot change what needs to be changed with opposing the system, but changing the way we look at it and rebuilding completely anew.

Limiting consumption comes with the intellectual understanding that overconsuming depletes natural resources of course, people will thus chose to live with less but with the less will be of a much higher quality. Obsolescence that keeps us on the debt thread mill will be over.

We must learn that we cannot control the Universe but listen to our higher-self for things to begin to fall into place organically, and the negative will remain minimalist. Perfection does not exist anyway. In our society today, it is THE OPPOSITE! The more laws we have the more chaos they bring about.

How The Matrix Controls You

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