Scathing Report Reveals £11million SCHEME Backed By Bono Failed

Just another deception: Bono is not the charismatic man he claims to be, nor act in public.

Proof that foreign aid DOESN’T work: Scathing report reveals £11million scheme backed by Bono failed to reduce poverty or hunger | Oct, 10, 2018

DAILYMAIL: And he was right to be sceptical, because now we have the scathing verdict of a five-year study into this project funded by British taxpayers, which lavished £11 million – £2,906 per household – on 35 impoverished villages in Ghana.

EARTH CUSTODIANS: That is a lot of money for a region where people earn less than 2 dollars per day… it is like winning the lottery! So much cash flow must have caused inflation to skyrocket , and money to be siphoned by local banks!

It was created by Professor Jeffrey Sachs, dubbed a ‘rock star economist,’ from Columbia University in New York, backed by the UN and billionaire philanthropists, and promoted by celebrities such as U2 frontman Bono.

Yeah, a giant meritocratic commercial! The article does not say is as to whether there have been NGOs’ agreements to steal natural resources with local authorities.

The authors admit to surprise that ‘the project did not improve some of the outcomes explicitly targeted by the intervention, such as child mortality, immunisation rates, antenatal care, access to drinking water and usage of mobile phones’.

If so-called philanthropists were not even able to dig wells with all that money, where did it go? Let alone the rest!

The report also discloses the dismal, yet all too typical, fact that nearly a third of funds went on management and overheads, while admitting there was ‘large-scale’ fraud involving a key local partner.

Here we go again. That is what foreign aid does: corruption management. But we cannot blame Africans for their naivete, the same happens in the West with social programs — and corporate subsidies — and on even bigger scale of course.

For a start, there is the dependency culture. Inevitably there were improvements when villages were flooded with cash for new schools, extra teachers and street lights, tractors were lent to farmers and women were given inducements to give birth in clinics.

The dailymail is into disinfo here. The west has worked very hard to kill most african economies with the IMF loan sharks fueling inflation and financing selfish politicians and dictators, destroy their textile industry among other things: It is a common misconception that old clothes donated to Oxfam and others are freely distributed in developing countries. While they can provide jobs, they also prevent development. (2015)

Let’s think about it for a few seconds: the entire African continent is very rich in natural resources, and has been plundered for more than a century. Colonization never exported education but slavery by another kind.

The investigation noted ‘a pervasive expectation for donors to fix problems’ – and that one village adopted a more community-led approach to construction only when funds became limited.

Bartering works relatively well as long as one works along with Nature. Money has always pushed such a boundary as it makes people expect more than what they put in. Money being a abstraction that easily subverts the sense of value, and even more so in developing countries. Meaning that people do not really know what to do with the cash handed to them.

(But the day of reckoning in the West is fast approaching as you read this, let’s not fool ourselves)

And until before the colonies, that is how Africans used to trade. Many also were nomads. Unfortunately, with the arrival of the profiteers also came the invention to create borders in the regions, and nomads were forced to settle, and this terminated all trades in the concerned areas. Leaving Africans starving and at the mercy of dictators like Mobutu, Idi Amin Dada — and even communists like Robert Mugabe and Nelson Mandela.

They come and ask us questions about our families, our lives and our farming. They never come back. The next year, someone else comes back. ‘They just tick their boxes after listening to our problems. They are using us to earn their money.

Right, humanitarianism is big business and employs a lot of people. It is all a facade of course, because most of the aid ends up in the hands of the bad guys.

Sachs remains unbowed, pointing to a recent article in The Lancet he co-authored for ‘independent analysis’, insisting the new report’s ‘cost effectiveness observations were a joke’ and saying that the authors had never built schools and clinics themselves…. To say the project failed would be to deliberately misrepresent the truth,’ he said.
Certainly debate over sending torrents of Western cash to spur progress in poorer parts of the world will continue..

Cynically, Africa is a cash cow at the expenses of the indigenous, and still has a lot to deliver .

For as that dedicated head teacher struggling to sustain his school in Duu told me, you must put local communities at the centre of development to create lasting progress. ‘It is not just about money,’ he said, wisely…. FULL ARTICLE:

This rural African teacher is of course right on: it is not just about money but sharing empathy and having a structure consolidated by human contribution as opposed to live off of everybody like parasites. The very premise of a money-free society!

Bono is bought and sold by “special interests” … he is a disgrace and should stand trial for aiding corruption instead.

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