Human 2.0 Is Coming Faster … Farewell To The Right To Life?

How Did We Get To This Point?

Western philosophy has been hijacked a very long while ago, and that goes back to perhaps 2 millennia ago, because everything humans had to know had been said and written already. Of course this knowledge never came from any bronze age civilizations, but was transmitted by the survivors of previous and highly advanced society. Atlantis? Possible. But that’s the topic for another blog.

Since then, we only have had philosophers regurgitating the same fundamental concepts, and falsifying the latter over time by including their own 2 cents. How so would you ask? Materialism has infected philosophical thinking at its core, philosophers merely seeking fame and power along the way. Just as scientists.

And now as a result we must call metaphilosophy to the rescue as the field got completely tainted by unworkable materialistic premises. Therefore any philosophy that does not deal with metaphysics is bound to be proven erroneous. No if but when. Just look at the world, it speaks volume. Nothing is working.

When philosophy integrates such a supranatural component, it systematically becomes Metaphilosophy because it then has all the necessary requirements to question any philosophical thoughts.

Metaphilosophy is “the investigation of the nature of philosophy”.[1] WIKIPEDIA

The right to property is a grand fallacy because our current incarnation is temporary, one is born naked and dies naked. The millennia old and still ongoing “power game” has ultimately used “property rights” to condition people and get them pillaged and/or killed by invaders. Or perhaps more sadistically, making the masses fantasize about a home whose value would forever increase. Unfortunately, the Right to Property enables the system to strip anybody from his property, would it be by war or economic downturn by design. What is impossible to do in a money-free society that does not have any standing armies and where people are absolutely free to timeshare.

The Right To Life

As long as we allow corporate fascism, speculation on war stocks, monetary manipulation (by inflation and deflation) and slave wages, we act against the meaning and implications of The Right To Life.

Accepting the Right To Life, goes along with the understanding that we are all part of Creation, fractals of Creation, therefore no individual does own more than any other one. Nature will never cooperate with greed. Or we will destroy Nature, as it is the case today. The Right To Life is based on this axiom. People owning more than others is the very root cause of war for natural resources, and whatever domination agenda.

And this is where the AI silent warfare for our minds, comes into the picture.

People who are deciding the fate of Mankind (and it is not sure at this stage if they will succeed, although humanity’ situation is precarious) are meritocrats that have trampled the Right To Life, using the “right to ownership fallacy”. The “right to competition” and the “right to Life” are incompatible. It is a paradox, because it is allowing the system to implement the right to kill legally. It is a conceptual flaw according to the axioms defining The Right To Life.

Every living cell belongs to the Universe, and the Principle of Creation. And we can only own/be our selves when understanding our rapport with that very Principle. A money-free society does not recognize current man-made laws, which are all bunk from a metaphilosophical perspective — and this explains why we cannot fix any problems in the world.

Human 2.0 Is Coming Faster Than You Think. Will You Evolve With The Times? Oct 1, 2018

FORBES.COM : In the past few years, there has been considerable discussion around the idea we are slowly merging with our technology, that we are becoming transhuman, with updated abilities, including enhanced intelligence, strength, and awareness.

EARTH CUSTODIANS : Good and evil are separated by a very thin line, which facilitates double talks — or manipulation by dualism. Since the masses were never really educated about the topic, it will not enhance the intelligence and awareness of the average men. But so goes the sale pitch of course! Global predators always speak in the name of Humanity because they know that we all share intuitively the same interconnectedness encrypted into our DNA.

… the term “singularity” originated in a 1993 essay, The Coming Technological Singularity, by science fiction author and professor Vernor Vinge…….. Yet, here was Vinge boldly proclaiming: “Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended.”

If you listen to the video below, you will be shown that term “singularity” goes as far back as the 50s, so they already knew what would happen at some point. Rejecting the brain implant is the smartest move ever you will ever make in your life as Human 2.0 is predicted to begin taking over society in 8-10 years. Perhaps sooner!

Still, many people fear transhumanism. Critics warn of designer babies and chips implanted in our minds. Theologians fear we will denigrate the soul’s sanctity by achieving immortality.

And they are right to fear it because AI is being activated by power hungry meritocrats, the same kind of people that have ruled mankind since ever…. and not only that: Will You Worship The AI god?

To put this dilemma in clearer focus, Goertzel advises considering the question, not from your perspective, but from your child’s. He paints a picture: “Imagine it’s eight years from now. All the other kids in your daughter’s third-grade class are way ahead of her because their brains are connected directly to Google and a calculator, and they’re SMSing back and forth by Wi-Fi telepathy between their brains while your daughter sits there in class being stunted because she must memorize things the old-fashioned way and can’t send messages brain-to-brain.”

As voiced various times, this rosy scenario is to subdue the masses. The nightmare scenario is that AI will be dictating or policing all our thoughts 24/7. Facebook is deleting free speech at record speed these days. What will happen then, do you think? Thought police knocking at your door? Or worse… Scientists Want to Turn Consciousness On and Off Like a Light Switch

At this point, the prospect of transhumanism stops being an intellectual exercise. It becomes a question of subsistence…. FULL ARTICLE:

Sure, just as Musk says: AI is summoning the demons…. if you can’t beat it, just join it!

Human 2.0 Is Almost Here: The Transhumanism Agenda Just Went Mainstream

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