Years Of Dystopian Talk At Silicon Valley Dinner Parties Has Turned To Action


This image above states the obvious but for one thing: revolution must come from within. That has never be done before and we ought to do it individually. If a group is expected to free individuals, then the same mistakes resurface after a while. History has repeated itself because of that. It is not a collective decision. Each individual must come to that conclusion first for the paradigm shift to benefit and enhance the collective.

Collectivism works the other way, in reverse: individuals must sacrifice themselves for the collective, renounce to their individual self, the collective comes first.

Freedom and free will are the result of each individual acknowledging his uniqueness first. The difference is subtle and enormous at once. This is because of the Principle Of Polarity embedding dualism in all concepts and human actions. Hence the “divide and conquer” so much praised by the meritocrats. They hope that we never grasp that subtle difference. Money is a tool that fragments the self, as the self regards itself as a commodity.

The Individualism vs Collectivism Debate

What do they know that we do not know?

The top 1% meritocrats know that the system is unsustainable, an economic house of cards, the internet of things is becoming a full-fledged AI cyber prison.

Not all billionaires and millionaires are aware of the origins of this takeover but they do hear from “above” that times are looking uncertain and call for safety. However, most meritocrats have no remorse since they were born in families of predators. Sociopathy is their standard of living. They praise debt slavery (in the West) slave wages (for developing countries) as a natural consequences of bankers consolidating wealth at their advantage, through currency manipulations and financial manias. Long story short, they will not allow a paradigm shift.

Impending Dystopia?

Earth Custodians agree with other well informed sources that we may expect a major event at some point. Between 3 and 7 years from now. The year 2025 has been often mentioned as a turning point. But it will clearly depend on how people will be resisting the implementation of 5G and other mass surveillance technologies first.

Actually odds are against Mankind now. Still too many want the system to be saved as they fear to endure the unthinkable. Letting go the system does not especially mean to abandon it overnight but when the D-day has come, having the right attitude and behavior are really essential to help the people around us process what is happening, because violence will not be any solution at all.

Remember: the only thing that will ever have long lasting effects is the revolution within

Answers To Some Common Questions About A Money-Free World

The Super Rich of Silicon Valley Have a Doomsday Escape Plan

In recent months, two 150-ton survival bunkers journeyed by land and sea from a Texas warehouse to the shores of New Zealand, where they’re buried 11 feet underground. Seven Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have purchased bunkers from Rising S Co. and planted them in New Zealand in the past two years, said Gary Lynch, the manufacturer’s general manager. At the first sign of an apocalypse — nuclear war, a killer germ, a French Revolution-style uprising targeting the 1 percent — the Californians plan to hop on a private jet and hunker down, he said…. That makes it an increasingly popular destination not only for those fretting about impending dystopia, but for tech entrepreneurs seeking incubators for nurturing startups…. MORE:


How the simplicity of the narrative led to the situation we are in… the fake world. A 2:30HR documentary by British filmmaker Adam Curtis, made 2 years ago


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