Thousands of Amazon Workers “Won” $15 an Hour… Just Another Monetarist Mirage

While many Amazon employees are cheering the news, dark clouds are forming on the horizon. But the MSM look the other way and push for a nationwide $15 minimum wage, echoing Bernie Sanders. We already may assume that Amazon Resource Depts have been inundated with job applications. But Sanders is just parroting a script, as usual. His stance about NAFTA 2.0 is just rhetoric, and his political image more used to socially engineering a class war than anything else.

First, Bezos is not going to use any penny of his personal wealth to compensate his workers, the money will come from more aggressive automation, and eventually hundreds of them will be laid off. But what will also happen in the short term is that prices will go slightly up, to cover employees’ minimum wages, as it usually is the case. It is well known that minimum wages do not create more purchasing power but inflation.

Amazon shareholders are also aware that meritocrats just gave corporations another $3tn tax cut deal. So we may rest assured that Bezos’ corporation will not suffer any loss. Many big retailers are losing steam and will have to resort to filing for bankruptcy (or closing down branches), adding to the jobless rate which is way higher than the official figures already.

Since its launch, Earth Custodians have rationally — and metaphysically — demonstrated that monetarism cannot fix poverty, nor prevent competition which fuels poverty and a slave-wage-bottom-class. Not to mention a steadily destruction of the environment.

Amazon’ strategies are going to cause more economic dislocations.

Money in itself is not inherently bad when not hoarded, accumulated, because every penny we save is a penny taken from somebody else. At the end of the day, earned money has to be spent completely in order to respect the Law Of Equilibrium.

Silvio Gesell, a German economist, drafted a theory about it called The Natural Economic Order, even penalizing “dormant money”. But his theory never went anywhere as it was tagged as “a communist recipe”.

But isn’t greed one of the 7 Capital Sin? And what is the conclusion of the “Golden Calf” allegory?

With money comes the need for power, and that is where the problems start… so yes, a money-free society is the most peaceful template ever possible on Earth. A money-free society will not be perfect but at least much better than what we have now. The paradigm shift is definitely a rational step.

PS: The Law of Equilibrium is found in the phenomenon of Electricity ruling over the Cosmos and caused by the perfect balance between negative and positive charges. Anode and cathode, equal in their opposition. This Principle is also found in magnets. Sun and Earth are in a state of perfect balance to sustain Life.

The Inherent Flaws In Monetarism Will Always Break The Law Of Equilibrium …

This Is What It Looks and Sounds Like When Thousands of Amazon Workers Learn They Just Won $15 an Hour | October 02, 2018 |”This is what the political revolution is all about,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)—”What Mr. Bezos has done today is not only enormously important for Amazon’s hundreds of thousands of employees, it could well be a shot heard around the world. Mr. Bezos and Amazon are helping to lead the way, but there is no reason why other profitable corporations in the fast food industry, the airlines and retail should not be following suit.” …………….. MORE:

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For Amazon stock to reach $6,000 per share, the company’s sales for the 10th year from now must be $938.9 billion, or $1,993.36 per share, using the 471 million shares outstanding at the end of 2015. Starting with per-share sales of $227.19 in 2015, Amazon could reach that level of sales in 10 years only if the company grows its sales at 87.7% annually over the 10 years, an unlikely growth prospect.

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