The Dystopian Illusion Of Economics

At this stage, it is clear that the meritocrats are working very hard to give us the impression that trade wars have to be taken seriously, for the sake of our security…. but wait a minute!

Trade wars are the evidence that coercion is embedded in monetarism. Earth Custodians prefer the word monetarism, because any financial structure needs money to stay afloat, the difference between systems is just a matter of rhetoric. Generally trade wars used for intimidation do not last long, but when they go beyond a certain threshold, military conflicts are the only way out. One thing is certain, world powers have not spent billions on weapons to keep them in their underground facilities.

Of course, world politics being a giant chessboard, the meritocrats are playing with our lives, already knowing the outcomes a, b or c. And the latter will be adjusted in due time. Yes, just think of it for a minute: how can coercive money really be?

The Ambition vs Aspiration Debate

We are not free to spend at all because most have a budget when running errands for example. Free to spend would mean that prices wouldn’t matter. Monetarism dictates our very moves and decisions. Neither are we free to think for ourselves but rather must endure the shakiness of a structure which is supposed to make life better. But how much better since the moods of the market are more potent than anything else? The nosedive of Tesla’ shares tells it like it is. The market hears a bad news and then starts dumping. Ironically, mass layoffs often cause shares to jump.

Goldman: Tesla shares to drop 30 percent in the next 6 months (reuters)

There is no voluntary trade if at the very top they impose, tariffs, slave wages, trade agreements, sanctions and trade wars to start with, because the latter affect the whole consumerist pyramid directly. Getting rid of the meritocrats is no solution because new incomers will replace those ousted right away since competition itself is a meritocratic breeding ground.

Every international trade agreement – or war – is staged because without violence and poverty, the meritocrats wouldn’t be able to make any move. They wouldn’t be able to make a step further if they could not reassure us that they act for our own security. Without the threats – of their own making – there are nothing.

Power is a giant illusion that eventually will reveal itself extremely harmful, if we do not spread the word. The dollar has been the world currency for decades and when crashing down, it will affect the entire planet. There is no smooth transition awaiting around the corner.

But at least the meritocrats will have a culprit: that’s America’s fault!

EU, Russia, Iran, and China Unveil New Global Payment System Independent of US…the European Union said that it would establish a special payment channel to allow European and other companies to legally continue financial transactions with Iran while avoiding exposure to U.S. sanctions… According to Mogherini, the plan to create the SPV “will mean that EU member states will set up a legal entity to facilitate legitimate financial transactions with Iran, and this will allow European companies to continue trade with Iran” despite Trump’s opposition…. As Bloomberg’s Leonid Bershidsky explains, with Iran sanctions back, it is clear to the Europeans (as well as the Chinese and Russians) that any future transactions with Iran must go through entities insulated from the American financial system….

The history of slave wages and class war

(more facts in favor of a money-free society)

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