The Awakening Series: Truth Is Unprofitable… Unlike Lies And Fears (Part 4)

Monetarism works on many levels: lack of transparency allowing anything to be turned into profit, and free speech and information. It is attacking the fabric of society. Lies, distortions and the fear of speaking out, combined with the cyber prison, are about to engulf society.

Many spiritualists have warned against materialistic and egotic doctrines, and rightfully the latter have caused the widespread loss of integrities now threatening us all. Time to believe in ourselves just as Theseus did in the Ancient Greek myth — in the figurative sense of course as this is a spiritual battle for our minds!

Theseus and the Minotaur… When the third sacrifice approached, Theseus volunteered to slay the monster… Theseus killed the Minotaur with the sword of Aegeus and led the other Athenians back out of the labyrinth. (WIKI)

TEC – Unit 13 – The Electric Light Lenses of Creation

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