The Awakening Series:The Ambition vs Aspiration Debate (part 3)

Since a very early age, we are taught that ambition is what we need to go through Life at any cost, that there only are winners and losers, but here are we, faced with a serious catch 22.

What does come first: money or ambition?

It is money, because the ambition is built upon the latter. Generally a career is motivated by the “earning factor”. Yes, even in the artistic field. One seeks to get a foot in the door to become famous and when succeeding, the financial reward generally follows.

Fame, success, wealth… is it really worth it?

​T​he nature of any ambition is kind of tricky because knowledge and perceptions evolve constantly, and this means that when we happen to think in such a term, the latter​ becomes relative — and subjective.

Even living as an “entertainment icon”. Most of them found themselves dealing with ​performance​ anxiety, and the stress to keep their fans​ and agents​ in a state of exaltation.​ ​Or many celebs suddenly happen to disappear completely ​from sight to have a “normal life” again. The celebrity factor is also extremely deceiving: many “icons” are bought and sold by special interests (aka media)​ spying on each of their moves.

​However successful or not, speaking out often means endangering one’s career — whatever the field of action​ — and could lead to the end of one’s ambitions. And this is very telling about the real nature of the word “ambition” itself. ​ Ambition alters the mind and distorts the ​quest for success: it always seems easier to follow the money, the path of the least resistance, than facing the consequence of speaking up one’s heart.

Very often when financial success is achieved, then comes the stress to ​stay ahead of the wave​, and which sounds elusive since we all die. Some day.

​​The top leaders​ and professionals have found a way to circumvent this ​very ​“elusiveness” by launching their own foundations to continue the propagation of various​ materialistic​ illusions and ​regulate​ competition​ as they see fit​, regardless of the human cost​s​. ​It is what lobbying is all about after all. ​And one of their lat​est​ tricks, the most successful by far, is the “promotion of digital immortality” to get their ways ​ — and weave​ a cyber prison all around us in the meantime​. ​Something to chew on, really.

Earth Custodians definitely support longer life spans, and should REAL science develop stem cell research for a greater good, it is not far fetched that humans could really enjoy 200-300 year life spans, while keeping in mind that we are created by Cosmic Laws and completely subjected to them: we cannot delay death indefinitely.

It also is useful to notice that truth seekers motivated by authentic planetary aspirations, because the future of Mankind is a top priority, were often assassinated or saw reputation being destroyed (by shadowy interests) as soon as they became well known for their daunting views.

And this means that ambition and aspirations are fundamentally antagonistic. Nature has made it this way, because nobody will ever get rich with saving the world, if.. if the purpose and intent are genuine. It has to be a common goal motivated by the uniqueness of each individual and collaboration. Human skills being all complementary. Competition does not need to be . (see The Individualism vs Collectivism Debate)

Only Overcoming The “Psychosis Of Success” And A “Revolution Of Values” Can Free The Human Experience… If the market was truly open to challenging novelties and continually, one would never be able to “bank” on any goods anymore, because all goods would potentially be subjected to become obsolete overnight!…..

Truth Seekers​,​ motivated by authentic planetary aspirations, were often physically silenced or saw reputation being destroyed (by shadowy ​plots​) as soon as they became ​too ​well known for their out-of-the-box perspectives.

Ambition ​for the middle-class often primarily focuses on acquiring stability and purchasing a house, and being able to afford college degrees for the kids. And as time goes, people work hard to make it happen, while having a sense that something escaped them, that something is amiss about materialism. Many even acknowledge that if they had to redo it all over again, they would do it differently. That they’d have rather pursued something more meaningful, which money cannot buy.

Money can’t buy happiness (2012)

And this means that ambition and aspirations are fundamentally antagonistic. ​It’s a Natural Law. ​Nature has made it this way​ to prevent ​ ​a​n​y​body ​from​​ ever get​ting​ rich​ from humanitarian concerns, nor telling the truth​ — if… if the purpose​s​ and intent​s​ are genuine.​

The fastest-growing part of the U.S. economy is not business, at least not the commercial It’s the nonprofit sector. In the past decade, the number of nonprofit groups has grown by 25 percent to 1.6 million. They now account for 5.4 percent of gross domestic product and 10 percent of jobs. (bloomberg 2​01​5)

Do you see our global state of affairs improving… of course not! And they won’t.

Ideally making the world a better place,​ ​i​t has to be a common goal motivated by the uniqueness of​ individual ​purposes​ as​ ​human skills are like a puzzle and all complementary… when not coerced in any fashion. Competition does not need to be​ and must be let go. We got it backward. Individualism does not work.

There is no way​ ​to fix the problems in the world, trying to accumulate any form of wealth. For a time,​ and until a critical mass is reached​, yes , maybe money could be used if not hoarded but injected into the system to change it directly, without seeing it as any form of investment but​ a mean to implement ​ the​ new money-free communities ​and ​cities of the future as time is clearly running out.​​

Aspiration is the genius within

Genius is a lot more widespread tha​n thought​, it just gets trampled by the social indoctrination of success as we age. It is imperative ​that​​ individual aspiration become​s​ the new social template if we ever w​ish to muddle through the extremely challenging times ahead.

Surprising Truth About What REALLY Drives The Human Nature


Manly P. Hall – Escape from the Tyranny of Our Own Thoughts​ | transcript segment…​…. we are here by wonderful rules, a law that has been going on for millions of years, we are the product of a Life that have been unfolding for countless millennia, we are here for the unfolding of a divine spark within ourselves… the individual who does not see God in what is happening to him will never find deity at all… and our first emotion in life should not be a criticism of other people or circumstances but gratitude for the privilege of learning. We are here to face problems and solve them. The problems and the privilege above disasters and catastrophes, and finally to recognize the divine power of the infinite Love that rules all things…. every time we face a problem, the question should be what can I do so my faith is stronger than the emergency of living… that what is an emergency is when an individual makes a bad decision, because he has forgotten the principle on which life should be built upon… it is not an emergency that we grow older. It is not an emergency that we must give up certain privileges and opportunities as years go by… in every part of life, youth, age, old, we are living in a pattern of divine purpose.If we can get this thought fix in our mind, we will not be so given to all the worries and excitements that come along. We are worried today about economics, we always have been and always will be as long as we worship economics, as long as we make the dollar deity, we are going to be out worshiping the golden calf, and we always will be in trouble… Nature does not want man to live for ambition alone, it wants the individual to live with a little ambition and great deal of aspirations… aspirations mean to become more, ambition means to accumulate less, and the more we become the less dependent we become upon accumulation…. (lecture available on YT)

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