The Awakening Series: The Philosophy Of The Free-Range Human (part 1)

WAKINGTIMES: The path from status-quo junkie to having a higher perspective is a difficult one. No doubt. Similarly, the path from soft-slave statist to free-range human is difficult.

EARTH CUSTODIANS: People, when disinformed/misinformed, will always end up speaking in favor of statism (socialism) or corporatism because they feel that the upper class’ purpose is to secure employment and ensure the continuation of prosperity. And we can clearly see where it did lead us: on the edge of a global, moral and ecological, bankruptcy.

But as Spinoza said,“All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare.” The philosophy of the free-range human is an attempt at being excellent despite the difficulty.

Partially true. Many “free range humans” still think that there always is a way to muddle through, regardless of the damages done to society as a whole and nature. The “free range human” is not especially in denial but his actions will nonetheless result in sawing the branch he is sitting on — so to speak. Example: one may choose to go live off the grid to acquire self-sufficiency, but world problems, social and ecological, are still growing exponentially. So what?

A soft-slave statist is anyone who believes they need a ruler to rule over them, who thinks they need permission to be free, who blindly worships a flag, and who believes violence is the answer to solving problems.

Yes. Despite the violence increasing toward a threshold, they support it because they fear freedom so much, see freedom as total chaos. Unfortunately, this way chaos comes about.

A free-range human, on the other hand, rules over him/herself, does not need permission to be free, does not worship a flag, and thinks that violence is only necessary when used in self-defense or in defense of those not capable of defending themselves.

Earth Custodians beg to differ here a little bit: many “free range humans” still have an egotic flaw as they often look down at the “soft-slave statists” instead of seeking to elevate them and making this endeavor a crusade of theirs. When not living off the grid, many tend to have better careers but again often just follow the money too. They just add to the injury. It is just impossible to have a better society without a decent and unbiased education system for all. And any genuine “free range human” should make this an absolute priority.

Radical interdependence is the deep understanding that everything is connected. Free-range humans are keenly aware of this,

Yes, and it is a growing trend fortunately! More “Free range humans” must come out of their own isolation, and by doing so they will realize that the “politics of fragmentation” is what prevented them from taking a better course of action in the past. There is no freedom for anybody on the planet if the majority remains so poorly educated.

Radical interdependence is eco-conscious surrender. It’s being keenly aware of the process of self-awakening: from codependence (soft-slave statist) to independence (egocentric freedom) to interdependence (eco-centric freedom).

Yes, realizing that we are pillaging our Host, which is Earth, is the dumbest behavior ever, and we only can stop this if understanding the trap of “profit seeking”… at some point the ego has to capitulate and bound with Nature. The damages caused by materialism are deep wounds into the fabric of society, and of course, the sooner more and more people realize this, the better for humanity as a whole. Profit seeking is a neurosis that cannot and will not end well.


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