Beyond Scientific Dysphoria: Light IS Everything

What is Light and where is it coming from? 

Before answering that question, a little bit of background is necessary because academia has taken us for a ride for quite while already. Einstein was another Tesla’s contemporary and contender, and we just have to follow the money trail again to see the same patterns of special interests corrupting the field.  Academia did not like Tesla because his ideas and concepts were not designed for personal to enrichment but elevating mankind. In our environment, it is a death sentence.  Modern sciences is extremely polluting. However, Telsa died poor. True genius cannot be recognized in a money driven society, and this alone makes the case for a money-free planet. 

> WIKIPEDIA… The luminiferous aether: it was hypothesised that the Earth moves through a “medium” of aether that carries lightIn the late 19th century, luminiferous aether or ether[1][2] (“luminiferous”, meaning “light-bearing”), was the postulated medium for the propagation of light.[3] It was invoked to explain the ability of the apparently wave-based light to propagate through empty space, something that waves should not be able to do…..  A major breakthrough was the theory of relativity, which could explain why the experiment failed to see aether, but was more broadly interpreted to suggest that it was not needed. … 

The scientific cartel prevented Tesla’s technology from winning over, so it embraced the “theory of relativity” instead. There is no obvious plot about it, but conjectures and timing are saying otherwise. 

Flash forward. Physics in free fall: in 2017 a new study, published in The Astrophysical Journal, suggests  dark matter and dark energy may not exist after all.  Physicists are scratching their heads as they realize that the “standard model” theory is  no longer accurate and must rethink their understanding of the entire universe. It was assumed that regular atoms like hydrogen and helium make up only a few per cent of the universe to paraphrase the article. And that dark matter and energy amount(ed) to 96%… well, one does not need to be a rocket scientist to comprehend the depth of the impasse as another answer must be found to account for these 96%! 

That is where the Electric Universe theory comes into play: these 96% are merely electric currents or plasma.  But further how does it come that scientists seem to pay so little attention to  some 1,800 thunderstorms in progress over Earth’s surface at any given moment? Lightnings going both ways… upward and downward (see earthcustodians link), what many people do not know about. Upward lightnings are truly spectacular.

Tesla and many others before him were definitely correct. Electricity emanates from the Aether.  Almost 100 years of research have to be nullified. But Einstein and Newton alike will go down in history very quietly: what would become all these college degrees issued over the last 20 years? Would be quite chaotic. So while struggling to come up with a new theory, they continue disregarding the Electric Universe theory, which is quite simple as a model to understand. In the meantime, they are also trying to debunk the original  study, which is the best way to get some slack and control academic thought. 

If you find the EU fascinating enough, more and more scientists are switching and organizing conferences. Keep yourself updated, on their YT channel

Earth Custodians also endorse the genius of Walter Russell, and his book the Secret Of Light. Read a few pages every day to let it sink in. Here is a free copy:

Life is Light. A flash of light at conception?
This is huge, and the study also said that the same phenomenon was too observable in animal conception. This is what we should see debated on TV instead of all this world violence!

Biophotons and Consciousness (Alexander Gurwitsch)
In this lecture the History of Biophotons will be presented, from Alexander Gurwitsch in the beginning to Fritz-Albert Popp. Further he explains the correlation from Consciousness to Biophotons. (30mins)

The electric universe, gravity fallacy- Reading ROBERT OTEY (30mins)
Newton’s theory vs spiraling vortices caused by electricity. Electricity is the expression of Light moving in waves and the result of “twin opposing vortices” seeking equilibrium, as explained here:

Dark Matter and Dark Energy Might Not Exist—Potentially Forcing a Rethink of Our Understanding of the Entire | 12/2017…

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