“Tinfoil hats” will be of NO help In Dystopia

The few links below are just a small fraction of the problems humanity is faced with, and expose the tentacles of monetary control and power. But further, one does not fight any form of control with the same weapons used against society, no matter how attractive this solution may sound in the first place.

This strategy is for cavemen and has been proven completely vain and futile countless of times throughout history, because even if the victors sounded genuine, after them came back the same wolves in sheep clothing. Or it appeared that victors didn’t keep their promises, were mere controlled oppositions, and deceived the people. Take the French Revolution for example, did it help? Or even further back, the American Revolution? Nothing has changed but got way, way, way worse!

As long as we compete, poverty and sufferings will continue to exist and facilitate the global takeover. The darwinian power game is as old as humanity, so why still going along with that very premise?

In this sense we must remain vigilant not to replace a monopoly with another one. If you have listened to the podcast with Harald Kautz-Vella (yesterday blog), he clearly sounds the alarm on many levels, but which about vaccines causing autism to skyrocket and warning us that if nothing is done, in a generation from now, all the kids will be autistic. Completely disconnected from their selves, fragmented and thus in mental state to be fused with AI more easily. REAL nightmarish science-fiction.

That is where we are headed to if we do not pay attention. How much pain must society endure to initiate a reversal?

The premise of materialism didn’t bring us anything valuable but taught us to circumvent, and try to escape from what we perceived as a menace, but by doing so we never addressed the core issues and evil grew exponentially in the background as a result. And now, we realize that there is no escape at all but standing up for ourselves to prevent a silent assimilation by a “binary intelligent species”.

We will not regain our freedoms until we begin questioning the traditions that indoctrinated society, and why most of them must be put to rest, and be replaced with different social guidelines motivating a greater understanding of the true and purposeful human nature (not to be confused with human condition/ing)

How to Master Your Thinking-Patterns and Habits for Self-Development By Manly P Hall | SEGMENT TRANSCRIPT … I have heard eloquent discussions on principles and ideals, but many of them are still in trouble themselves, they are unable to escape from habit patterns and from the traditional backgrounds from which we have all come one way or another. I suppose the present generation is the most complicated in the history of humanity. Not only it is complicated because of advancement in various fields of scientific progress, but it is a complicate general revolution against traditions. Most people are blaming traditions for the conditions they are in today. They feel like in some way we were prevented from growing in the very early years of our culture. Actually however, most of traditions which have survived have some foundations in fact, and facts do not change readily or quickly. And our general background of traditions is essentially idealistic. This means that a % of people have strong convictions and live by them, or are trying to…. but when it comes to it, it comes in conflicts with personal interest, we forget the traditional integrity that is at the basis of basis of our civilization…. but often integrity interferes with selfishness. They interfere with as free as what we want to be. We are willing to fight desperately to get personal freedom… but this personal freedom has not been brought under the censorship of intergrities, we feel that we can do anything we want to, but we do not educate the desire structure within ourselves . So today we are confronted with a situation that is disturbing, frightening millions of human beings…. The greater the number of beings, the more each individual must give up his personal ambition, if he does not, the entire structure will fall apart…. so out of this comes anxiety continually increasing a negative approach to circumstances… but we also have to realize that these happenings are no accidents, the problems we face are the problem we have caused. And the fact that they were caused by our ancestors, and that we may leave them to our descendants, these do not alter the basic fact that man is the cause of his own troubles (video at bottom page)


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