Yet Another Dystopian AI Jobs Warning

The chief economist of the Bank of England has warned that the UK will need a skills revolution to avoid “large swathes” of people becoming “technologically unemployed” as artificial intelligence makes many jobs obsolete.

EARTH CUSTODIANS: Wait a minute, a skill revolution? What does that entail? That most people will have to go back to school/college when they already live paycheck to paycheck? And that the ongoing student loan crisis is mere “fake news”. If a bachelor’s degree is no guarantee of security today, does the skill revolution imply that most people must aim at PhDs? Moreover, once AI becomes enough evolved, it will not need software programmers anymore, AI will improve on its own and create ALL programs and softwares.

So does the skill revolution mean that we’ll need to get brain implant and plugged ourselves into the AI Matrix to survive? Many so-called experts assert that AI is not optional and that ignoring the tidal wave could bring about the next extinction event.

So yes, if we believe in the fear factor, that is all we have left: the brain implant. Let’s bear in mind that the brain-computer interfaces can be hacked. AI must leave this planet, there is no other way around, even if that sounds like pure sci-fi at this stage. It is sci-fi out there, and the fantasy is rather dark. The evolution of mankind is not being assimilated by a “binary and parasitic intelligence” but to understand that Knowledge has certain boundaries that we cannot cross in this 3D reality.

Andy Haldane said the possible disruption of what is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution could be “on a much greater scale” than anything felt during the First Industrial Revolution of the Victorian era.

It gives us a scent of the trend that is coming… if most people could grasp this, they would simply have quit working for a salary a decade ago already. Additionally most Westerners have only food for a week or two at home.

It was important to learn the “lessons of history”, he argued, and ensure that people were given the training to take advantage of the new jobs that would become available.

The warning should have come in the 80s already, so people would have spent less and saved more. The only jobs that may last a while longer are those in the high end hospitality industry. Once people must rely on Universal basic income, they will have to be thrifty. Once the main income is gone, UBI will show its true tyranny.

He added that in the past a safety net such as new welfare benefits had also been provided.

yes, right, just a pitch for basic income to subdue the masses. There is a Natural Law jeopardizing anything that is not voluntary. In this economic environment everything is coerced.

Tabitha Goldstaub, chair of the newly formed Artificial Intelligence Council, said that the challenge was ensuring that people were ready for change and that the focus was on creating the new jobs of the future to replace those that would disappear.’

You see, they keep using keywords “new jobs of the future” . But today everything relies on powerful mega computers, even hedge funds daily trading billions of dollars (which are close to be absolutely worthless as the real value of the dollar is barely 2 cents worth. But the illusion must go on). Even stock brokers are in for a shock.

Mr Haldane said that job losses would be compensated for by the creation of new jobs as a “new technological wave” broke over society.”That is a much harder number to begin to estimate or guesstimate,” he said.

There won’t be any new jobs for at least 65-70% of population by the end of 2030, and the buck will not stop there of course. This is not only EC’ estimate but that of many people. Just watch the 2 documentaries below, they are well worth your time.

“What we can I think say with some confidence, however, is that given that the scale of job loss displacement it is likely to be at least as large as that of the first three industrial revolutions.

This statement is more honest but comes at the end of the article and by that time, most people feel reassured that their government will not let them down. So the warning does sound watered down.

PS: EC is not anti-technology but anti-AI


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