The Food Pleasure Equation In Dystopia

Another case of scientism (atheistic science). Mainstream science can no longer be trusted as many scientists will do whatever it takes for a paycheck. The field is corrupt beyond belief. 40% of scientists surveyed (by the magazine a year or so ago, confessed that lab experiments cannot be reproduced, and this means that a majority of so-called studies and peer reviews are totally biased or worthless.

Only top scientists are “in the know” though, but that does not explain why such an astounding lack of ethics is rampant due to the monetization of healthcare. Any genuine scientist would at some point realize that something is wrong with his research… but never mind, they just continue to doom mankind without thinking much further. What are those fancy college degrees worth for?

Receptors in your mouth and stomach tell your brain about the mixture of proteins, fats, carbohydrates in a particular food, and how filling that food is for your body (wakingtimes article below)

It is just not fast foods.. It works with any mix combining proteins, fats and carbs. Just like a steak with fries or rice. No matter how organic your pizza or cake is, it does not matter either. Proteins, fats and carbs are the ingredients triggering the addiction.

The best diet to escape addiction is the “keto diet” and EC recommends Dr Eric Berg on YT, all his advice is free of charge and he has millions of hits. To beat the cartel at its own game, the proteins, fats, carbs combo must let be go and replaced with wholesome foods only. And preferably raw to get all the nutrients and enzymes. For a while, choose to eat meat once every other day or even 3 days to alleviate the high acidity caused by meat overconsumption. Eliminate all diaries too for some time. And see how you feel.

Dr. Otto Wartburg and other health experts have been talking about how cancer loves sugar since the 1920s, but surprisingly many doctors don’t tell their cancer patients that as long as they continue to eat processed foods full of the stuff, they will likely have a more difficult time fighting this disease…. His theory was that malignant cells and tumor growth was caused by cells that generated energy via adenosine triphosphate (ATP) through a nonoxidative breakdown of glucose (sugar). Read more:

100 years have passed since then and Caner Inc is, cynically, doing just fine.

Wealth is a distortion and essentially the result of centralization that benefits some and is detrimental to the vast majority. Money causes centralization because it is simply impossible to prevent collusion, free association. Hence money will always lead to the same corporate nuisance and structural violence. This is, in a nutshell, why a Voluntary Society is strategically the only way out of this giant mess.

Scientists have been able to boil this down to a simple equation: The Food Pleasure Equation.

“The Food Pleasure Equation postulates that the brain has the ability to quantify the pleasure contained in an eating experience as performed by certain dopamine neurons in the brain and the sensing of calories by the gut. When you have a food choice, the brain actually calculates how much pleasure will be generated during the eating and digestion of a particular food. The goal of the brain, gut, and fat cell is to maximize the pleasure extracted from the environment, both in food sensation and macronutrient content. If a food is lowered in calories for health reasons, the gut has the ability to sense this, and the food will become less palatable over time.”

The work of the food scientist is to figure out how to override this function and trick the brain and body into believing that high calorie, nutrient-poor foods will offer a reward in the form of nutrition and satisfaction. To do this, they look primarily at a short list of key factors.’

Read more: How Scientists Engineer Foods to Make Them Dangerously Addictive


The Dystopian Price Of Not Living Consciously And The Love Of Truth

To Break Free From Being Commodities We Must Prepare For An Extreme Human Experience

During the transition and at some point, money will be less and less needed as more and more people realize and accept the paradigm shift as self-evident. Meanwhile every penny used to spread the word will benefit everybody. The Earth Custodians welcome donations via our website.

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