Crispr Gene Editing Of Foods GOLD RUSH Underway

GMO ‘gold rush’ underway after USDA refuses to regulate Crispr gene editing of foods’

……….. The traditional genetically modified crop could cost $150 million to develop and market; that cost can be slashed by up to 90 percent with gene editing. And while genetically modified crops generally take 12 years to move from development to commercialization in the U.S., a gene-edited crop can accomplish the same in just five years……….

EARTH CUSTODIANS: Follow the money as usual, 90% is way too tempting. No regulation aims at facilitating the switch so that “Big Ag” can rake up insane profits, though we can easily assume that the food prices will not go down. The 150 million investment is just for one crop species, so do the math: we are talking of a multi-billion dollar cash cow. And since the costs can be cut down so drastically, the door to modify more crop species is, of course, wide open. Within the next 10 years or so and at this pace, there may not be any “organic market” at all. See: The downfall of the USDA Organic Seal.

In contrast, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled last month that gene editing is subject to the same regulations as genetically modified crops, making it illegal for commercial crops to be grown and limiting its use to research………….

The EU has never been really into harmful GMOs mainly because Europeans are better informed and that it would endanger its fragile healthcare system and , which is socialized and thus paid by the taxpayers. Raising taxes is not an option. See, Dystopian HealthCare System For All?


The USDA has fielded 23 inquiries about whether gene-edited crops need regulation and decided that none meet its criteria for oversight. That saves their developers years of time and untold amounts of money compared to traditional genetically modified crops. Of those 23 organisms, just three were being developed by major agriculture firms……..

Let’s digress a little bit: Time is money! Money is a device to buy time and crush competition, so only a few can rule unchallenged. This is another metaphysical aspect making the case for a money-free society because the Universe evolves within an eternal present. Time does not exist in term of absolute. The past, present and future are ONE. Time makes only sense to us because we are subjected to short life spans compared to the billions of years of the Milky Way, for example. A money-free society espouses the Principle of Cosmic timelessness. A Natural Law onto itself. Absolutes may often sound paradoxical to our perceptions but they always win over. Always!

The newly competitive landscape could foster more partnerships and licensing deals between big and small firms, along with universities or other public research institutions, said Monsanto spokeswoman Camille Lynne Scott. Monsanto – which was recently acquired by Bayer AG – invested $100 million in startup Pairwise Plants this year to accelerate development of gene-edited plants………

Reading the name of Monsanto is another deterrent and fears are totally justified. The side effects of “Crispr gene editing”, as much as traditional GMOs, haven’t not been studied long enough. Most scientists do not care because they are are indoctrinated by the man above Nature/God mantra. There is a reason as why Nature made things the way they are, and only a selfless knowledge allows the collaboration with Nature. Egoistic aims and money chasing will ALWAYS turn Nature against us. The elites are well aware that “to command Nature, one must first obey her, going by her rules”. What is done to our food chain is definitely the result of very dark forces.

“We’re seeing a huge number of organizations interested in gene-editing,” Crisp said, referring to traditional crop-breeding companies, along with technology firms and food companies………….

No doubt about that, money hunting will always come first at the detriment of humanity. It has always been so but it only has become much more blatant after the Industrial Revolution. The end of the money paradigm is approaching. The only concern is “what will happen next?”. Will humanity free itself… or be annihilated?

With CRISPR, one popular type of gene-editing technology used by Syngenta, scientists transfer an RNA molecule and an enzyme into a crop cell. When the RNA encounters a targeted strand of DNA inside the cell, it binds to it and the enzyme creates a break in the cell’s DNA. Then, the cell repairs the broken DNA in ways that disrupt or improve the gene…….

CRISPR experimentation is a mere 15 years old or so, 20 at the most, so we may rest assured the “disruption” factor is rather tremendous at this stage. But that may well be the goal.

The USDA also has no current plans to regulate gene-editing in animal products, according to a document provided by the agency………..

Gene editing is going to invade all the food production, worldwide. It only is a matter of time. Also we should brace ourselves for the price of organic produces to skyrocket further. The label being already seriously compromised, eventually only community gardens will offer organic wholesome foods. But that too seems short-sighted, unfortunately.


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During the transition and at some point, money will be less and less needed as more and more people realize and accept the paradigm shift as self-evident. Meanwhile every penny used to spread the word will benefit everybody. The Earth Custodians welcome donations via our website.

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