Money Buying Silence And The Power Of The Taboo (Massive Priest Abuse Cover-up)

Have you tried to initiate a discussion about it with your pals and co-workers since the scandal broke out?

And if so what was the result? Did you hear things like: priests are very well known for abusing kids… this is bad…. what a mess…

And further, have you alluded that since Vatican is involved, the police and lawmakers at top levels might be colluding to help the cover-up? … and what were the answers?.. most likely not much… because it was the end of the discussion. That is as far as people generally go when the topic of pedophilia is at the center of the debate, the issue is completely taboo. One does not talk about pedophilia at the work place. But chances are that you are not going to be able to speak about it at some restaurant with pals either — unless of course you were talking to truth seekers who shared with you their deep concerns.

The upside is that the whole thing may give us some reason to remain somewhat optimistic, as it now is pretty much in the face of everybody: the cover-up being so big could go out of hands, meaning escalate very quickly, as the 2 year investigation reveals that police departments didn’t help the matters to go public because of conflicts of interests mainly. And who says police departments implies that top level inspectors were protected by some powerful lawmakers.

Money will always equate to power and coercion, and we have more than 4000 years of evidence documenting this. Money will never emancipate but fuel daily struggles, because with money comes the loss of integrity or/and need to collude to keep one’s assets and control them. What is, in fact, called financial freedom means that one is always getting rich(er) at someone else’s expenses, somewhere down the ladder. In this sense money, will easily attract anything negative and generate an abuse of the Life Force manifesting in each of us.

Money is only positive to pay for daily needs like transportation, a roof and food, clothing. Even education is antagonistic to monetarism because the latter cannot teach freedom but competition. Once money is identified with all the things we want but cannot have, one becomes envious and that is how the catch 22 starts. To free oneself from the bondage caused by money, only selfless motivations will do.

So when thinking of all that, what is money good for? Ultimately money will teach freedom only when understanding and mastering the doomed characteristics of competition. Truth cannot be capitalized upon, because Truth generally destroys everything in its wake before offering the path to freedom. This is the Natural Law Of Equilibrium.

Press Conference, long version. Grand Jury Report on the 300 Catholic Church Priest Abusers Released. @ 21min, the speaker said that an abuse occurred when the victim was 18 months old! That same priest abused 5 sisters in the same family.



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